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Make Bouncy Bouncy Widget1.2

06 July 2008

Bounce your way through puzzling mazes of challenge & reward.


Make Bouncy Bouncy Widget... Bounce your way through puzzling mazes of challenge and reward! New free level every day!

Earn and collect Bouncy Bouncys through fun and layered gameplay, where each bounce can lead to an explosive bonus!

Over 35 Challenging & Beautiful Levels (in non-demo versions). Once you've unlocked the demo version, indulge in over 35 spaces designed to stimulate your mood while engaging your mind. Each space will challenge, amuse, and inspire with its unique configuration & variety of "pads" to bounce on. Access the level exit by earning Bouncy Bouncys then make your way to the next challenge to complete the mood.

Play at your own pace. As with all ByDesign games, you don't need to quit your day job to enjoy playing. Jump in and out of the game with ease; after you've unlocked a level, you can pick any level to play, anytime. Post your top scores online to see if you're amongst those who Make the most Bouncy Bouncy!

Get in a quick Bouncy Bouncy session in-between your work tasks or on your coffee break; your time is your own after-all!

What's new in Make Bouncy Bouncy Widget

Version 1.2:
  • Core play mechanic has a completely new layer to it… Building up your bounce is much more explosive and rewarding.
  • Levels now have bouncy objectives, bonus bounces, and score multipliers!
  • Added new levels to all Moods; the non-demo version now has over 35 levels in total! Will continue to release new levels (for free) for the life of the game.
  • Fine-tuned the game's physics to offer a more satisfying bounce when not making bouncy bouncy.
  • Added a new feature that allows you to quickly turn 180 degrees by pressing Right Mouse Button / Down Arrow.
  • Demo users can access a "daily level" button in Mood Select; gives free access to a random and otherwise demo-locked level & changes daily!

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