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02 October 2019

Download, view, search, archive all your PayPal transactions.


GaragePay lets you download, view, search, and archive all your PayPal transactions without having to log into the PayPal website. It lets you organize your transactions in smart groups and can export to CSV files.

What's new in GaragePay

Version 1.8.1:
  • The order of accounts in the preferences will be reflected in the main window
  • Correctly signed for MacOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Fixes UI glitches in macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Fixes some wrong values in the CSV export
  • Date values are properly imported from PayPal

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02 July 2008

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Version 1.0.1
07 April 2019
Version 10.8 requires the use of operating system 10.12 as a minimum. On its website, the previous version 1.7.2 works from 10.7. It is automatically updated until 1.7.5, at least 10.11. Therefore, the download of the current version 1.8 is incompatible.
Version 1.8
11 October 2014
It works fine under Mavericks, but there aren't recent updates. In the meanwhile the PayPal web interface has greatly improved and frankly I don't see many advantages in using it. It seems to me also very risky in terms of security management.
Version 1.7.2
25 November 2013
Does anyone know which was the last version that worked with a PPC Mac running Leopard?
Version 1.7
24 September 2013
Doesn't work at all and doesn't transfer anything from Paypal despite having followed their instructions, and they don't reply to support requests. So nothing good to say about this piece of software.
Version 1.7
1 answer(s)
12 April 2014
Seconded! Just spent the last 30min requesting - and re-requesting API credentials - and it still didn't work despite following their instructions to the letter [which - BTW - are also out of date]. Avoid until these shortcomings are rectified
11 March 2013
Seems to charge you a fee for transaction made through the api of Garagepay. For instance, a payment of 50€ is charged 0.85€ with Garagepay but making the transaction through the Paypal site is free for this amount. The advantages of seeing the totality of your transactions through Garagepay seems very much offset by the fees collected through Garagepay.
Version 1.6.11
1 answer(s)
21 June 2013
It's been ages since I tried this app for a few minutes and never returned so I might be a bit hazy and apologize if I am wrong, however I do not think garagepay even has the functionality to pay someone/business through the app. It is merely aimed at putting a pretty UI, well it's not pretty, but anyways it's to make your paypal transactions more manageable as you can either download the transaction info from paypal and open it in 50 other good db applications or use this app to get the information streamlined and hurrying up your workflow. It is not a browser replacement for paying people via paypal's API so I don't see where your charges are coming from and thank goodness you have this app to spread all the info out and you can finger the culprit! Sorry if I am wrong, I just don't think that is the app's aim or even capability.
25 June 2012
Great app for quickly tracking purchase history and printing shipping labels quickly for my online & eBay store. I know it's a completely different system, but Amazon payments would be useful too.
Version 1.6.9
10 May 2009
I like this app. It saves me a lot of time. Please add shortcut for the search.
Version 1.5.2
14 January 2009
This is a great app. I got it on MUPromo for a great price, I don't think I'd buy it for it's full price. It's a better way to load PayPal data in public because you don't need your password to log on. You can just open it, look through and search through transactions - even find them without internet. It's stability could use some help, I've had a few crashes - though it's still great. They should make a mobile version (iPhone) because the PayPal app for iPhone requires you to enter your password every time... I use 1Password, I can't really remember it.
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Version 1.1.4
05 August 2008
Cool, connecting to my Paypal account was very easy. Nice app, nice gui and workflow, but a bit too expensive for a "normal" paypal account (with no shopping cart etc...). Maybe you should think to do a Lite version.
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Version 1.1.1
01 August 2008
I love being able to launch this app to look at my current PayPal status. It is also invaluable to perform PayPal searches on my desktop. However after beta 6 this has become an app that I hate. It decides which transactions to download and not download, which to transactions have details and which don't. I finally gave up and went back to beta 6 and all is working again. So, I would normally give this 4 stars, but this 1 star rating is for versions after beta 6.
Version 1.1