oXygen XML Author

19.0 23 Jun 2017

Visual XML editor.


Developer website: SyncroSoft Ltd.

oXygen XML Author is a multi platform Visual XML Editor. Supports visual XML editing driven by CSS stylesheets with specializations for DITA, DocBook 4 and 5, TEI P4 and P5, XHTML. This support includes document templates for easily creating new XML instances, CSS for WYSIWYG like editing, interface actions for creating and editing lists, tables and marking up specific content, validation, transformation to HTML or PDF.

What's New

Version 19.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.8 or later

  • New Dialog: The Create button was disabled if the user previously cleared the URL combo box.
  • New Dialog: Fixed a focus problem when New dialog is invoked from project. Sometimes focus was requested in search field instead of File Name field or URL combo.
  • New Dialog: Disabled the URL combo and 'Use title to generate the file name' checkbox when dialog invoked from Create New File (Ctrl+Click navigation) to create a new DITA file.
  • New Dialog: Sometimes the Title field was read-only even if the DITA template has title.
  • New Dialog: If the previous selected template was "Ant Build", the proposed file name remained build.xml even if the template changed.
  • Diff Directories: Avoid exception in the "Compare Directories Against a Base" dialog when the "Ignore nodes by XPath" option is set.
  • Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed Stack Overflow error in Saxon 9.7 XSLT processor when processing XSLTs defining xml:id attributes.
  • Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed Saxon 9.7 "Duplicate binding slot assignment" error that occurred when XSLT containing attribute set was included from two places in the main XSLT.
  • Saxon 9.7/XSLT: Fixed an issue that caused the stylesheet compilation to fail because of missing catalogs.
  • XSLT/Content completion: Fixed content completion proposals in XSLT stylesheets when the default prefix was bound to a specified namespace on the stylesheet root element.
  • Spell Check: Fixed the merging of non-synthetic default dictionaries (from Oxygen) with a user's additional dictionaries (e.g. "en_US.dic" from Oxygen with a user's "en-us-medical.dic").
  • Markdown/DITA-OT: Updated DITA-OT Markdown plug-in to version 1.3.0 to support YAML headers in Markdown content.
  • Author/Form Controls: Optimized memory consumption when browser form controls are used in standalone application.
  • DITA Publishing: Fixed publishing of XML Schema based DITA topics.
  • Mac/Linux/DITA Reusable Components: The contextual menu from "DITA Reusable Components" was not shown on Linux and Mac, when right clicking on the Keys table.
  • DITA: "DITA Map MS Office Word" transformation output now shows page numbers.
  • DITA-OT: Fixed DITA Open Toolkit 2.x problem with properly generating HTML topics when using branch filtering.
  • DITA-OT 2.x: Fix problem with some images referenced via keyref not appearing in Word document.
  • DITA Maps Manager: Avoid unhandled error "Fire should be on the AWT thread" reported when renaming a topic in the DITA Maps Manager.
  • DITA Maps Manager: If Edit Properties was used to change from topicref to topichead, extra unnecessary initial attributes were not removed.
  • DITA/WebHelp Responsive: Fixed WebHelp transformation error that cause the output generation to fail if the DITA map contained an empty topichead.
  • WebHelp: The auto-complete suggestions in the WebHelp search text field did not work when publishing a DITA map that contains JavaScript special characters (single or double quotes) in titles or keywords.
  • XML Refactoring/Preview: Avoid reporting false differences when changing attribute values using XML refactoring.
  • Add-ons: When add-ons updates are available, the description of the update is now presented in the add-ons related dialogs.
  • API: When ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.CustomAttributeValueEditor.shouldHandleAttribute(EditedAttribute) returns false, the Edit button from the attributes editing panel is replaced with the Browse button.
  • Eclipse plugin: Creating a new XSLT test unit now works in the Eclipse plugin.


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Java 1.5 or later


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