Cellular Grid Machine
Cellular Grid Machine


Cellular Grid Machine free download for Mac

Cellular Grid Machine

30 April 2008

Generate continual, self-modifying and self-evolving music forms.


Cellular Grid Machine is a virtual-machine mechanism that just so happens to spit out music from its auto mutating 16x16 multi-directional grid. CGM can generate hours/weeks/months/years of continual, self-modifying and self-evolving forms that are created by processes which are arbitary, stupid, pointless and non-musical. It's processes. mechanisms and systems were inspired by its grid and not by musical ideas or musical theory. The music it produces is the excrement of the non-human expression of this machine.

Key Features

  • A 16x16 Grid
  • A Selection of Symbols which activate musical forms.
Machine Qualities
  • Mutation Processes To Grid
  • Collision Processes To Grid
  • Collision Process To Properties
  • Midi Exporting
  • Core Midi
  • XG Midi Editors

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