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FS2_Open Launcher

30 April 2008

Change the command line arguments of FS2_Open.


FS2_Open Launcher... Freespace 2, perhaps one of the best Space simulators ever created, has been ported to OS X.

The program I give you will allow you to change the command line arguments of FS2_Open without having to mess around with the command line file that resides into the user's Library. It will also allow you to change the resolution of the game.


  • GUI for interacting with the command line of FS2_Open
  • Dynamic Menus. Options differ, according to what version of FS2_Open you are using
  • Options for developers, like loading of custom .lch files
  • Support for changing the resolution and color bit depth of the game
  • Improved mod support.
  • Checking for updates on the Internet via Sparkle.
  • Standalone Mod Support. You can set up your own configurations.

What's new in FS2_Open Launcher

Version 3.0.3b --Fixed some minor problems with custom standalone mods. --Improved some aspects of the user interface. Now, when the user adds a new mod, he doesn't have to search the library for the preference folder. The application suggest possible folders and the user selects one of them Version 3.0.1 --Fixed a small memory leak --Added an Icon (thanks Billaras666) Version 3.0: Welcome in Version 3 of the Launcher. This version adds custom multiple standalone mod support, and better mod handling. It also adds a number of bug fixes and improvements. Some of them are: --Custom standalone mod support --Renewed code. Written from scratch and fixed various bugs under Leopard. --Improved command line drawer --Launcher can now be configured to remain open after FS2_Open Launch. --Improved interface. For a quick reference of how to use this new version, please consult the read me file, available from within the application.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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