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28 July 2008

Video workflow organizer for researchers.


VCode is a set of applications to support the video annotation workflow. It has an interface for researchers to define which variables coders will be coding on the interactive timeline. It supports multiple synchronized video streams and ad-hoc methods of synchronization. Additional data tracks, such as audio data or other sensors, may be displayed along the bottom of the timeline, taken from associated data files that are recorded along with research videos.

What's new in VCode

Version 1.2:
  • Added Kappa Calculations
  • Support for Upper and Lower Case annotation hot-keys
  • Changed shift+hotkey to option+hotkey for commenting on annotations from keyboard
  • Ctrl-left/right arrow to jump from event to event
  • Marks on timeline now have labels showing which hotkey they came form.
  • Fully Completed Documentation for all features
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

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