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18 March 2008

Composite multiple exposures for wider dynamic range.


SimpleHDRI is designed for compositing multiple exposures of a subject to obtain images with a wider dynamic range and higher quality than your digital camera can normally obtain. By taking multiple pictures of a subject at different exposures, you can use Simple HDRI to blend those images together to get detail in both the highlights and the shadows. Even when taken on a sunny day.

It also has various color controls so you can tweak the final image using the combined data. This means that you do not suffer a quality loss when changing thinks like brightness, exposure, contrast or gamma.

It is easy to use. All you have to do is drag the set of images into the boxes in the software and it does the rest automatically. An added feature is that you can add all of the images together instead of combining them to take multiple underexposed image of a subject and make them properly exposed. Also there are Screen and Overlay modes as well.

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