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26 November 2019

Access cloud storage just like a USB drive.


ExpanDrive builds cloud storage in every application, acts just like a USB drive plugged into your Mac. With ExpanDrive, you can securely access any remote file server directly from the Finder or even the terminal.

ExpanDrive supports:
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • WebDAV
  • Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Openstack Swift
  • Dreamhost DreamObjects
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Box.com
  • Copy.com
  • HP Helion
  • hubiC

What's new in ExpanDrive

Version 7.4.1:
  • Added support for macOS 10.14.5

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19 July 2015

Most helpful

I can certainly say that I feel some of the frustration amongst some of these reviews. I have to counter this by saying that their support has been some of the most responsive that I have experienced. I am not sure why my experience has been so dramatically different from that of others here. I would highly suggest that you reach out again. Jeff has personally responded to all of my requests and has very much tried to get to the bottom of the (very odd) issues that I have had over the years. I appear to drive ExpanDrive perhaps harder than most and I have been very encouraged by the responsiveness and desire to work through issues. I am actually very excited over this new engine and the effort that has gone into this release. I am indeed let down by the user interface (I would like to see more organizational functionality added), but I'm confident that that will be addressed in the near future. Frankly the engine has needed some work. The caches have grown insanely large in the past and performance has always been a little lackluster. So far this version has seemed to really step up and resolve a lot of previous frustrations that I've had and I hope to continue to see improvements both in the engine and in the management aspects of the connected servers.
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Version 5.0.8
27 November 2019
I wish those positive reviews were true. The tool fails miserably on the mac. When I try to copy files to OneDrive, I sometimes get an error message from the Finder, sometimes it thinks it has succeeded, but only a small fraction of the files actually made it to the OneDrive. So - not even the most basic functionality works. Even more problems with NextCloud and with offline items. Hoping for a refund…
Version 7.4.1
2 answer(s)
05 December 2019
@stefrey These positive reviews you refer to are all fake. A few examples: jleehardin, nickmortongrant, mathieudulondel all give Expandrive 5 stars, they all had only one visit to MacUpdate, posted only 1 review on the day they registered, so these are all fake reviews. On the basis of these fake reviews and your review indicating that Expandrive fails miserably on the mac, it seems that Expandrive is software to be avoided.
Version 7.4.1
Viktor MacUpdate
Viktor MacUpdate
05 December 2019
Thank you guys for bringing up this issue! I just went through the reviews for ExpanDrive and removed the comments/reviews posted by throwaway accounts. Thank you for keeping our community clean!
Version 7.4.1
09 September 2019
I downloaded ExpanDrive as I needed to get a simple file/ directory level access to my Amazon S3 bucket. I had used several S3 browsers in the past but on my mac I was looking for something that allowed me to view and manage my S3 data in finder. I downloaded the trial, installed and configured it in minutes and was immediately working with my S3 bucket contents interchangeable with my local file system on my mac with simple drag'n'drop. So for me the application did exactly what I needed it to do in a seamless and easy way.
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Version 7.2.6
08 September 2019
What a piece of crap. The app crashes or hangs. The text cannot be resized so half of it is not visible in the interface. The app consumes a ton of memory and spawns a bunch of processes. Their support is terrible, seems like one guy in his mom's basement (yes the founders are in their late 30s.)
Version 7.2.2
25 August 2019
I installed this because I need to use two versions of Google Dive on the same mac. I now avoid using it and have to find a different solution. I faced a number of problems, despite installing the latest version and following the feedback form tech support: 1) Folders are not updated on my macbook. Yes, of course I tried everything! 2) work done on a word document edited on imac is gone. Twice. 3) proliferation of odd extra files with alphabet soup just appear. Tech support said send the log files. I did. A week ago. Silence. I''m not impressed, why are there so many gushing 5* reviews? They all seem to like being able to collaborate. Guess what, other solutions, which work, are available -but with limits if you bend software, like I seem to.
Version 7.2.2
23 July 2019
Sorry but this is one of the bugiest apps I have ever had the misfortune of using! Version after version, bugs remain unfixed whether it's failing to connect or telling you it's constantly updating when it's not. This latest version prompts me to login to OneDrive so I click the button and up pops a window asking me to enter my OneDrive username (email) ... only you can't type anything in because the main OneDrive window continually steals the focus back telling you to login!
Version 7.0.17
07 January 2019
I can't see ANY SINGLE REASON to buy this incredible expensive app when CloudMounter (from Eltima) does more, like allowing you to encrypt your remote data, a superb feature when storing information on a public cloud -- at HALF THE PRICE..

Moreover: why would I pay this kind of money for an app with limited functionality when I can get A LOT MORE with Finder replacements like ForkLift from Binary Nights or Commander One PRO from Eltima Software?

Buying Expandrive makes no sense at all.
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Version 6.3.0
30 December 2018
ExpanDrive - a must-have drive mapping solution for Dropbox (and others) Having recently taken the plunge and taken out a Dropbox Business account, after being an avid user of Dropbox (the free version) for many years, but constantly butting against the upper limit of space available. The greatest benefit of moving to an unlimited cloud storage solution is also its greatest weakness, insofar as you have access to a potentially limitless amount of online storage for (in the case of Dropbox Business) a flat fee, but this means you are regularly accessing an archive that is ultimately likely to significantly exceed your ability to store that data locally. The issue, then, becomes how you can access your data in a quick and easy manner. Dropbox itself does not have a solution in place at present to enable you to do this - you can either download the Dropbox application to your computer, which enables auto-syncing of the entire archive, or just specific folders if you wish; or you can access the Dropbox site via its online portal. These are adequate, but inelegant solutions to the problem. Enter ExpanDrive. ExpanDrive is a solution so simple and yet so elegant, it is everything you could wish for in this situation. It enables you to map a virtual drive to your operating system, and use that to gain access to your online storage space. In my instance, for example, this means I can map my unlimited online Dropbox Business storage space to my local drive, and simply cut/copy-paste my content up into my cloud storage, completely hassle-free ! The product is available to trial for 7-days for free, and was a complete doddle to set-up, taking less than 2 minutes from download to full-drive access. Now I can have the comfort of knowing I have ready access to all my Cloud-stored data, not just that which I can physically fit onto the device I am using. Thank Heaven for ExpanDrive ! :) Additional considerations • Whilst I have only used this product in conjunction with Dropbox Business, it also works with various other cloud storage solutions including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint; • ExpanDrive is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS'; • ExpanDrive does not route your data through any of their own servers, so your connection with your Cloud-stored data remains pristine; • Mapping as a virtual drive means you can access your Cloud content without having to download it locally and work on an offline copy of the data.
Version 6.3.0
11 December 2018
A Lot of Fake Reviews! GROSS!
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Version 6.3.0
1 answer(s)
18 February 2019
Just reading other reviews. It seems people get a free license for reviewing this software on social media - hence some of the over the top reviews. Thanks for taking the time to point out fake reviews... it helps others.
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Wim Hofman
24 November 2018
I use it on Mac and on Windows.

- Easy to install and to use.
- You can see and access all your cloudfiles easily.
- Connection can be made many cloudproviders.
(like: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Stack, etc)
- Also possible to connect to your own NAS-storage at home.
- Windows and Mac platform are supported.
For the Linux platform a Beta is already available.
- No FULL syncing of your cloudfiles to your local harddisk anymore
(so never an unexpected Full disk which occures during syncing,
and not all your cloudfiles are spreaded on multiple computers)

- You need an internet connection to access your cloudfiles.
(because no local copies of the cloudfiles, you cannot work "Offline")
Version 6.3.0
06 November 2018
ExpanDrive is awesome! I can access my online files a lot faster, and I love that they automatically mount to my desktop so I always have access to them. I have found myself using ExpanDrive every day, along with using online storage more often too!
Version 6.3.0