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13 February 2008

Standalone application for generating fractals.


quadrium | prime is an application that is designed to allow you to create fractal images (and other "procedural art") using tools and techniques never available before on OS X. Built using the same quadrium framework as quadrium2 and quadrium | flame, it includes a wide range of technologies, including:
  • Compose your images by combining a wide range of different objects, including the ability to create your own:
    • Explore over 20 different basic types of fractals (including the ability to specify your own formula) as well as the ability to combine multiple formulas into a single image
    • With over 40 different styles of coloring, including the ability to arbitrary layer and compose together multiple coloring algorithms
    • Over 40 trap shapes including being able to combine other shape or apply arbitrary transformations on them
    • Full range of compositing operations
    • Over 25 different warping/transformations to twist, fold, distort, mirror, and apply other effects easily to your image
    • Non-fractal textures such as turbulence and Truchet pattern - which can be explored as an image unto itself, or used as a texture applied to a fractal (or otherwise composed into the image, etc...)
    • Full featured gradient editor
    • Every single object is created using quadriumScript, and new one can also be created by the user - anything that it can do "out of the box" you can improve on.
  • Live feedback on as you work - no "make a change, wait for it to finish updating"
  • Mutate your image to explore countless variations
  • "Breed" your images together to combine their features creating a new images.
  • Fine tune your images by explicitly adjusting their various settings, or use the "tweener" to adjust large numbers of settings all at once
  • Animate your creations, generating QuickTime movies
  • Render high resolution versions of your creations (up to 600 dpi with 8:1 anti-aliasing)
  • Share your images locally via Bonjour, or globally via your .Mac account
  • Create image workflows by post-processing your images with AppleScript or Automator (such as automatically adding to an iPhoto gallery, for example).
  • Interface driven via "drag & drop", with unlimited undo and live feedback.
  • Accelerated to take advantage of multiple CPU cores

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23 September 2011
Version: 1.0

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Download link is broken.
23 September 2011
Version: 1.0
Download link is broken.