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12 August 2019

The best way to use Gmail on your Mac.


Love Gmail? Mailplane makes it even better. Take a tour at our site. Download Mailplane and you can try it 15 days for free.

  • Switch between accounts instantly. No need to sign-out and sign-in.
  • Google Calendar is a perfect match for Gmail. Mailplane combines them in one app. No separate calendar set-up required and accepting an invitation intuitively switches to the correct calendar tab.
  • Mailplane is a native OS X application and integrates naturally into OS X. Apple Mail like keyboard shortcuts, acting as default Mail Client, Mail PDF from Print Dialog, OS X Services, and much more.
  • Enable great Gmail plugins on an account basis with a single click.
  • Hide ads or apply a custom stylesheet.
  • Resize images, compress directories or capture your screen and attach it to your message. No need to start another app.
  • Don't download attachments twice. Preview them with QuickLook.
  • Mailplane's notifier tells you everything about unread messages. It integrates with OS X notification center and the 'Do Not Disturb' mode allows you to stay focused.
  • Mailplane talks to apps like Safari, iWork suite, iPhoto, Contacts, Evernote, Things, OmniFocus, Alfred, and Lyn.
  • Mailplane has also an AppleScript interface to automate some of your daily workflows.

What's new in Mailplane

Version 4.1.4:
New Extension: Simplify Gmail:
  • Do you miss Google Inbox? Do you want a cleaner Gmail? Try the newly supported Simplify Gmail extension. Simply go to 'Preferences... > Extensions'.
macOS Catalina (10.15):
  • As of today, Mailplane is compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15). But we can't guarantee that it continues to work perfectly since macOS Catalina is still in beta.
DEVONthink 3:
  • DEVONthink 3 is currently in public beta. Mailplane already supports it. Try it via "File > Save Clip" and the attachment functionality.
  • Verified by Google:
  • Mailplane is now officially trusted to use the Gmail API. In the process we adjusted the login flow to meet the latest security requirements. Read more here.
Fixes and Improvements:
  • Added Chrome Extensions auto-update.
  • Toolbar customization stopped working.
  • Text replacements were not case sensitive.
  • Supports 'Ctrl+Cmd+Left Arrow' and 'Ctrl+Cmd+Right Arrow' keyboard shortcuts to navigate to next and previous tab.
  • Notifications, Bookmarks, Mailplane Links and Navigation Window did open conversation in the first tab instead of the current tab.
  • Unread message counter and notifications didn't show for some users.
  • Image annotation could crash when using the blurring tool.
  • Closing main window when full screen didn't close the space.
  • Mailplane didn't restore into full screen on startup.
  • Some users would see error messages when Mailplane cleaned up cached download files.
  • Chat pop-out didn't open window.
  • Cmd+F didn't focus search field when it was already visible.
  • Supports Things 3 via "File > Save Clip".
  • Unfortunately we had to stop supporting Mixmax, Salesforce & Right-Inbox extensions due to compatiblity reasons.

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23 November 2008

Most helpful

Why would anyone use this? Gmail offers free POP, SMTP and IMAP access, there's no need to pay for it. Google ENCOURAGES you to use their free standardized access protocols, and offers several tutorials on how to connect via clients such as Apple Mail. There is simply no reason anyone should ever be convinced to buy something like this.
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Version 2.0rc2
17 April 2019
The gold standard for Gmail on your desktop. It's a bargain at $30 bucks.
Version 4.1.3
16 October 2018
Best Gmail-specific email app I have ever encountered (with the possible exception of Newton, which sports a great GUI but is overpriced and now I understand discontinued).
Version 4.0.5
26 September 2018
Use this app everyday and have nothing but praise. If you use Gmail, it's worth having a look.
Version 4.0.5
19 April 2017
The Gmail web interface is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate it, I recommend giving Mailplane a try. I've been using it for many years and have come to rely heavily on the many feature benefits Mailplane offers over the actual Gmail web interface. Even though Mailplane is basically the Safari webkit integrated into the app itself, it adds things like menu bar notification of new email, add-ons, integration into the OS, ad removal in the Gmail right column, and more than anything, SUPERB customer support. Of all the apps I've ever requested support on in my life, this developer and his team are one of the best I've ever experienced. Simply an excellent product backed by solid development and support.
Version 3.6.10
23 August 2016
Mailplane has been my default email app for 7 years, always running in the background or foreground on my Macs. I appreciate how it integrates with the Mac experience and Contacts, and depend on it for instant access to multiple Gmail accounts.
Version 3.6.5
19 June 2015
Really appreciate the rapid response from the developers and resolution of problems. This last issue on multiple account stability was a real headache for me and they quickly implemented the change to allow a feature that I've always wanted, which was to handle the logins separate from Google's (faulty) mechanism. I look forward to some upcoming changes that seem to be in the works as well!
Version 3.5.2
30 January 2015
I had an issue with updating to 10.10.2 and the customer support to fix it was exceptional: it was timely, reliable and most important the problem was fixed. Outstanding product and service. I've been using MP for years and will continue to do so.
Version 3.3.4
26 May 2014
One thing so many people miss about this app vs. other 3rd party apps. The Google Chat feature works in the app! You get notifications when someone sends you a message, etc. just as if you were in your web browser. I've not found any other apps that do this
Version 3.2.2
21 January 2014
I really want to like this app...but I see very little difference between it and other similar apps that simply open their own inherent browser windows to a Gmail account. It's the same as apps like MailTab Pro, with the exception of having a tab for the Google Calendar. Am I missing something? I'm a Gmail addict and after losing the Gmail Notifier a few days ago, I'm trying to find something else.
Version 3.1.2
5 answer(s)
21 January 2014
Hi there, I am Jessica-Customer Support for Mailplane. I haven't actually used MailTab Pro myself, so I can't say too much on their features vs ours. Mailplane is a completely stand alone app. You see the badge and notifier (with detailed unread message list) right on your desk top. We work with the notification center. A huge plus is using Gmail OUTSIDE of the browser prevents your web surfing from being tracked, period. You don't have to log out of your accounts to be protected. (I'm not sure what it's like on their end...) We have a bunch of plugins (Rapportive, Boomerang, Awayfind, Right Inbox and newly added Streak). You can use both Gmail and Apple shortcuts as well as define your own within our Preference menu. We have a nice 'do not disturb' feature. I don't know about MTPro, but with Mailplane, you can sign into an unlimited amount of accounts (and Calendars) and switch quickly and easily between them. Not to mention our customer support is top notch! ;) We pride ourselves on quick, personal responses from myself and the developer. We truly appreciate our customers! If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly. Again, I'm Jessica. My email is Cheers!
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21 January 2014
Thanks for the reply, Jessica. I am definitely aware of your good support, but in all honesty, MailTab Pro has good support as well...I have a couple of their apps. Please understand I am simply doing due diligence before spending $35 (family license for me and my wife). I only use my one Google Apps gmail account, so having multiple accounts is not a benefit, but since losing the Google Notifier, having a Google Calendar tab is a plus. Not sure it's worth the extra $33 though when I can simply add the Google Calendar to my Safari Bookmarks Bar. Both apps work outside the browser, and with all of Gmail recent changes, such as options when right-clicking a message while still in the inbox, most of Mailplanes extra GUI buttons at the top are no longer needed. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out why "New, Reply, Forward, and Trash" (at the top of the Mailplane GUI) are even needed? These actions are very readily accessible in the existing Gmail interface. Sincerely, if I'm missing something that could make Mailplane more beneficial than MailTab Pro or just using Gmail in Safari, please let me know. Again, I'm just trying to justify spending $35 in an ecosystem where the average price of an app is less than $5. Thanks again for replying.
21 January 2014
I completely understand. I think you're taking advantage of the free trial by the sounds of your initial post. If not, please feel free to do so, as we offer 15 days. It'll give you a feel for our app. If you love it, fantastic, but if not, we do completely understand! Cheers; Jessica
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26 July 2014
Jessica, I'm trying Mailplane again and I'm quite sure I'll purchase it this time by the end of the trial period. I still stand by my comments regarding MailTab Pro, but Mailplane has many other features that I'm now discovering that make it stand out even more.

One of the biggest things for me is being able to drag and drop files into a message, just like the Gmail web app. Also, on my new 27-inch iMac the Gmail web app fonts were just too small, and unchangeable in the user interface for anything other than outgoing messages. Mailplane allows me to zoom in to view the entire Gmail interface at the font size "I want" and it stays that way unless I close Mailplane, which I only do if I reboot.

So in summary, I've changed my mind and Mailplane is now my favorite Gmail app. It's definitely a 5-star app.
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19 November 2014
In all fairness to this app, I want to say that I did end up purchasing it back in August, and I couldn't be happier. Not only is the app superb, so is the customer support. If you live with Gmail and want all the extra features MailPlane provides over the basic Gmail web interface, then MailPlane is for you.
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28 November 2013
I've been using this app from Version 1 beta, it was free for the longest time before I was ever charged, there have been so many update for free and now ver 3 is a master piece of ease of use. The rapottative and other selective plugins are so well thought through before being added in. Get it ! love it! Share it!
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Version 3.1.0


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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later
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