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19 December 2007

Search the Internet for definable strings.


Roamer can search through stuff. URLs in fact. You can tell it to look for a word. Or not find a word. It's your choice. Roamer will sit in the background and do its work. And when it has found what you are looking for, it will tell you.

Roamer Compares: Do not underestimate the power of this little app. It can even tell you when Web pages have changed! You can even tell it to only notify you when they have changed by a specific amount.

Custom Actions: Actions allow you to act upon any successful request. Whether you good in Ruby, Perl, Python or C, you can tell Roamer to call your application when something interested happened! Your action handler will the first one to know.

Mr Inspector: Our friendly inspector is here to help. When you need to change a watched URL, just call Mr Inspector. He is going to be happy to help you. And he will not bother you when you don't need him! Ain't he useful?

Roamer Lite is the free version of Roamer. It is completely identical the full version except it does not allow you to create similarity items nor to set up custom action handlers.

Roamer automatically switches to Roamer Lite after the trial period expires.

What's new in Roamer

Initial release.

Requirements for Roamer

  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

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