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14 October 2009

Create videos from your QTVR panoramas.


Pano2Movie is an application designed for creating videos from your QTVR panoramas. It runs natively on Windows and Mac OS X (PPC and Intel) and can export directly to a QuickTime movie.

Unlike QTVR files, video files can be edited and cut in movie editing software, and integrated into video DVDs.

Main features:

  • Record paths through the panorama.
  • Edit and save the paths.
  • Use the same path on multiple panoramas.
  • Export as a sequence of images.
  • Export to a QuickTime video file.
  • Use any installed QuickTime codec, or use losslessly-compressed PNG format.
  • Pick from a series of preset video sizes or use custom dimensions.

What's new in Pano2Movie

Version 2.1.73:

New Features:

  • When travelling across the 0-360 boundary, the direction of travel is recorded, making the path automatically go in the correct direction.
  • Table view for the path lets you tweak times and positions precisely.
  • New keyframes can be added anywhere in the path, and can be deleted via right-clicking on the top of the keyframe.
  • Preferences and export palette no longer contain duplicate settings.
  • Duration and keyframe times are now displayed to 1/00th of a second instead of 1/10th.
  • When using the scrubber, the pan tilt and FoV fields are now updated.
  • When closing Pano2Movie on Windows or via the red title bar button on OS X, the application was not quitting.
  • Preferences are more reliably saved and loaded.
  • Memory grabbing/crashes when using high quality rendering should now be fixed.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for menu items would not work if focus was in a text field.
  • Assorted other minor bugfixes.

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