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18 September 2019

High-performance FTP server.


Rumpus is an easy-to-use, high-performance FTP, WebDAV, and Web file-transfer server.

  • Easy-to-administer user accounts
  • Integrated Web file transfers
  • File upload notification
  • Extensive security options
  • Blazing performance
  • Remote-server activity monitor
  • Rumpus FileWatch
  • Server-statistics widget
  • RumpusStat

What's new in Rumpus

Version 8.2.8:
  • Added "CSPHeader" config option to specify a Content-Security-Policy HTTP header. Added "SMTPMailIsUserSpecific" config option to cause mail to be sent "From" the SMTP account designated in Network Settings pref

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02 November 2007

Most helpful

Finest ftp product I've ever used from any vendor. The customer service and technical support is second to none.
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Version 5.3.3
05 June 2014
Ok, people seem to be very happy with Rumpus, and… I can only agree with everyone here. I encountered an issue with Rumpus eating too much CPU, and got a patch a fews hours after I sent my message. Which company still does that these days ? So, for this, for the overall stability, the mass of features, and everything else, Rumpus honestly deserves 5 stars and maybe more.
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Version 8.0.1
10 August 2012
This is a sidebar to this Rumpus, which I agree w/ most, is simply excellent FTP software. I just had a smile when I saw above that there is a link to a still available Mac OS 9 version of Rumpus!! Ah...the nostalgia stream is flowing. /
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Version 7.2.5
08 March 2012
Unbelievably good Mac FTP Server software. I've been running Rumpus for a few years now, and I can say, hands down, it's the best FTP Server software out there. It is easy to set up, and if you just want the basics, it's simple to get it running and get it usable in less than an hour. If you want more advanced features, it definitely has that, too. I have multiple users, notifications, a completely customized web interface for uploading files. It's great. And what makes Rumpus better than any other software I've used is it's service. Sure, problems come up. But email the company, and you receive a response almost immediately. They are truly committed to customer service. This is not a big box company. They don't have a call center - I believe it's one guy - the owner, operator, and technician. He knows his software like the back of his hand. I'm so pleased. I would recommend this software to anyone needing good, stable FTP Server software!
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Version 7.1.7
1 answer(s)
23 March 2012
I don't believe I have anything to object to this review. On the contrary, everything is top notch regarding every aspect of this product and company (Thanks John!).
22 November 2011
Cant really add anything more to what has already been said in previous reviews. The builds never crash, developer replys to emails very quickly. The application for Rumpus is (as stated below) only limited by you! There is nothing else like Rumpus that offers such control and monitoring of a FTP server. This is a product that could be deployed any sized business and is well worth the money!
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Version 7.1.4
05 October 2011
Rumpus is one of those - cant do without - pieces of software. And the Devloper is great with responding to issues in a timely fashion. I also notice that in this newest update, a feature that was requested just a few weeks ago has already been implemented! Drop ship and file request notices now include the guest user's e-mail address (when the "" token is included in the message body).
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Version 7.1.3
26 July 2011
I have owned Rumpus since late 2007, but started using it in 2008. Rumpus is one of those things that you may have around your home or office and never fully grasp the full value until the light bulb goes off. Well, in the case of Rumpus, once you start using it, the light bulb will continually go off. The use cases for this application are only limited by your creativity and imagination. If you are a business of any size, the price is truly “a drop in the bucket”. The developer is simply outstanding, and the product is pure gold. It is so solid, that I never hesitate to install a beta. If you are a small business or consumer and are paying for MobileMe, Dropbox, or any other on-line file syncing/storage solution, Rumpus deserves your consideration. Yeah, I seen some posts where users whine about the cost. I paid for it, and continue to pay for every paid upgrade because it is absolutely worth it! Of the over 150 paid applications on my HD, Rumpus is at the top of the list to keep current. The only thing that I can say would be a slight barrier for the average user, would be that some technical knowledge and a little patience is required in order to set it up. The reason for this is not that the product is overly complicated (it isn’t), but rather that some knowledge of server provisioning is needed in order to get it working. For example, if you do not have a static IP address, and some understanding of DNS settings, you should allow for a bit of time to get things working. Other than that, it is easy to administer once you have it up and running. If you are unfamiliar with basic networking and are afraid to learn, then you should consider hiring someone who can set it up for you. The most amazing thing about Rumpus is the developer - 7X24 around-the-clock support!
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Version 7.1
01 December 2010
Been using it for years. Stable, reliable, easy to manage. Very responsive to reported issues (well there havent been more the 2, but they did fix them in days...).
Version 6.2.11
01 December 2009
I'm running version 6.1.3, Maxum is asking $149 to upgrade to version 6.2 - a less than one point revision. Makes no sense.
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Version 6.2
4 answer(s)
11 December 2009
Hmmm...they certainly didn't have us pay for the upgrade when we went from 6.1 to 6.2. But I think the determining factor is whether you originally bought Rumpus before or after the start of this year. Does seem to be an arbitrary method of determining who should pay for an upgrade, although the 6.2 improvements are quite noticeable. /
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Version 6.2.1
12 February 2010
yeah, 6.2 is way cool
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Version 6.2.4
24 February 2010
version numbers are not an indication of the amount of changes
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Version 6.2.5
14 April 2010
Upgrades are always free for at least one year, and usually quite a bit longer. In the case of Rumpus 6.2, the update was free for anyone that had originally purchased Rumpus since version 5.3, and even before. Someone running version 6.1, and needing to pay for an upgrade, had originally bought Rumpus 5.2 (or earlier), and had received free upgrades to 5.3, 6.0 and 6.1. Finally, despite the ".1" and ".2" designations, these were significant feature updates. See the "What's New" page on our site for details.
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Version 6.2.7
13 August 2009
overprized would be nice if they could do a product like this for a single user
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Version 6.1f1
02 April 2009
Have Rumpus running for a while now on an old g4 450 mhz. Our FTP-provider was not helping us fast enough so we took matters in our own hands. Great software, the ability of the HTTP server to help non techie people to upload and download a file is very nice and to the point. Installation was easy if you know something about port fowards. All the extras are great and are explained very well...
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Version 6.0.6


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
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