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22 February 2013

Track all aspects of your diet.


DietController can track all aspects of your diet in one easy to use application. DietController is an easy to use diet and exercise journal. Use with any weight loss plan to accurately track and record your diet. Just enter the foods you eat each day and let our diet software do all the calculations for you. Instant summaries allow you to manage and plan your calorie intake. Charts and reports show you your progress.

Features include:
  • Super fast food and exercise search
  • Quickly add new foods and exercises to the database
  • Add multiple portion sizes to foods for easy logging
  • Create new foods from lists of ingredients.
  • Cut, copy and paste foods between days.
  • Drag and drop foods to/from the favorites finder
  • Create printed reports and charts
  • Direct spreadsheet entry of data, no slow dialogs or Internet pages
  • Full undo and redo, if you make a mistake simply press the undo button to revert the change.
  • Customizable interface, change font, colors, nutrients shown etc
  • Find foods in multiple ways: by name, category, favorites or foods you've used before.
  • Backup and restore your data for safekeeping and to transfer from PC to PC.
  • Export data to text files (csv) for import into word-processor or spreadsheet.
  • Supports multiple users all sharing the same food database.

What's new in DietController

Version 2.1.0:
  • Added menu option to save charts as png images
  • Added menu option to save reports as html files

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3 Reviews of DietController

06 February 2012
Version: 1.80

Most helpful

Doesn't seem to do kilajoules. Only has US foods.
03 September 2015
Version: 2.1.0
I’ve been a user of DietController for many years, back when it was still a multiplatform, Java-based app. I’ve liked this app for its rather easy-to-grasp interface and the ease with which one could add or modify existing products, in my case in order to adapt the database to European products (the entire included database is based on American products, so very little use here).
Now, I’ve noticed a very annoying problem: either the product is dead and development has stopped, or there is something dramatic in the pipes. Either way, my last two requests for support have been completely ignored by Margaret Dangerfield. To the point that I didn’t even receive an acknowlegement for my messages, contrary to what is stated at the website. Also the latest update here dates back from the beginning of 2013, so 2 whole years without an update…
Okey, things happen and well, a dead product is a dead product. Yet, somebody’s still taking the money, so there is someone at the other end of this pipe.
My real question though is: how future-proof is this soft at this point? I can testify that it works on the current public beta (ß6) of El Capitan, but it’s difficult to say if it will in the Golden Master, or in the next update.
As a result, my advice is: stand clear of a product that might not work in a couple of months.
My rating of 2.5 is a translation of my appreciation for the product, and of my disappointment at the entire lack of support.
20 June 2012
Version: 1.80
I am really growing to like this one. I think I'm going to purchase it when the trial period ends. But I wish it could track water intake easier.
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06 February 2012
Version: 1.80
Doesn't seem to do kilajoules. Only has US foods.