Icon Tools CM (PPC)
Icon Tools CM (PPC)


Icon Tools CM (PPC) free download for Mac

Icon Tools CM (PPC)1.6

02 December 1998

Contextual menu allows you to copy, paste, and customize Finder icons.


Icon Tools is a contextual menu plug-in that lets you not only copy and paste icons via control-click actions, but also customize your icons in many ways with the same easy access. After Icon Tools is installed, control-clicking on an icon will bring up three new options within the pop-up menu: Icon Tools, Icon Stamps, and Icon Frames. The Icon Tools option makes it possible for you to copy and paste icons, reset an icon to its original form, rotate or flip an icon, darken or lighten an icon, make an icon invisible, give an icon special effects, or make an icon's border more distinct. The Icon Stamps option offers 100 different ways to mark your icons with a variety of symbols, including check marks, keys, locks, and lightning bolts. Icon Frames presents 30 backdrops for your icons, including depictions of Zip, Jaz, and floppy disks; different document icons; and an assortment of colors, shapes, and designs. You can even put a single icon through many alterations and then designate it as the icon for several different folders. Icon Tools can be a great help when you share files with others and desire a new way to notify them that certain actions need to be taken on specific items--or if you just enjoy personalizing your desktop. Version 1.1 enables making the Copy/Paste/Reset Icon commands more accessible by placing them in the main menu, using icons in the clipboard when making folder/disk/CD icons, and accurately positioning Icon Stamps and folder/disk/CD icons. It adds new controls for moving, nudging, colorizing, minimizing, and changing stamps, and makes minor bug fixes.

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