Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS
Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS


Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS free download for Mac

Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS

13 November 2016

For exchanging disks/disk images between Apple II and modern comps.


Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS is a feature-rich communications platform for exchanging disks and disk images between the Apple II and Apple /// family computers and the modern world.

ADTPro has two main purposes in life:

  • Transferring Apple disk images
  • Bootstrapping Apple II computers when boot diskettes are long gone

ADTPro uses any of three communications mechanisms:

  • Serial (RS-232, USB) hardware
  • A2Retrosystems "Uthernet" LANceGS Ethernet card
  • Audio/Cassette ports

Bootstrapping chores can occur with zero software at the Apple II end over serial and audio communications links. Extensive help and tutorials are available on the ADTPro website:

What's new in Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS

Version 2.0.2:
  • Support added for Uthernet II based on new integrated IP65 library from Oliver Schmidt (
  • Integrated John Brooks' ProDOS 2.4.1 as base operating system for all ADTPro actions (Speediboot, text bootstrapping, base disks, etc.)
  • [VDrive] Uthernet II virtual Ethernet driver from Oliver Schmidt that occupies the same space as the Disk II driver
Changed or Fixed
  • [VDrive] Default slot changed from slot 2 to slot 1 for virtual Ethernet disk drivers
  • [Ethernet] Fixes from Oliver Schmidt in ADTPro's interaction with the IP65 library make for much more reliable transfers with all Ethernet cards
  • [Audio] Fix buffer overruns causing stalled audio transfers due to pathological RLE compression
  • [Server] Sort directory contents explicitly for our Raspberry Pi friends
  • Skip initial serial ping request from IIgs to avoid blank screen when no connection exists at first

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16 April 2012

Most helpful

Top Tool!!! Works great with all my older Macs. From my SE models to my Performa's.
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Version 1.2.1
13 August 2016
Download path is no longer correct. Correct download can be found here:
Version 2.0.1
16 April 2012
Top Tool!!! Works great with all my older Macs. From my SE models to my Performa's.
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Version 1.2.1
1 answer(s)
26 May 2014
This application comes at just the right time for me. I hope this version ( 2.0 ) really works since I am in the process of going back in time to bring back to life and use my Performa 6360 and some other "legacy" Power Macs that do not deserve to rest in peace in our city dump or city recycle depot. Even without having the full opportunity of trying this application I give it top marks for giving me encouragement to revive my Macs. The intel/unix world is great although the legacy macs made that possible and even some midi/audio programs were obviously too tough to code into the intel world or when they were many excellent features were left behind. Thanks to the people that made this application possible.
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