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PostBooks Installer for Mac4.8.0

23 March 2015

Simplifies installation of open source project PostBooks.

What is PostBooks Installer for Mac

PostBooks Installer is designed to simplify installation of the open source project PostBooks.

PostBooks is a full-featured, fully-integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM system, based on the award-winning xTuple ERP Suite for accountants, manufacturers, and distributors. PostBooks is licensed under CPAL, the OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License and is free to use.

What's new in PostBooks Installer

Version 4.8.0:
  • Implemented issue #17145 *Add the ability to post "checks" without printing
  • Implemented issue #24314 Add "Item Pattern" to parameter widget in Sales History
  • Implemented issue #24532 *Improve Sales Order Line Item Entry
  • Implemented issue #24769 Add a generic signal interface for scripting
  • Implemented issue #25114 Total Amount on Opportunity List View
  • Fixed issue #17261 Invoice Register preview and print blank
  • Fixed issue #22081 Open AP voucher which we cannot wipe off by paying check or applying a credit
  • Fixed issue #23119 Invoice doubling issue
  • Fixed issue #23510 Problem with miscellaneous vouchers
  • Fixed issue #23574 *'Add' buttons is active under 'Roles' tab in the 'User Account Information screen' when no role is selected
  • Fixed issue #23639 Barcode scanning into Post Operation screen
  • Fixed issue #24191 *Sales Order characteristics not being added to automatically-generated Purchase Orders
  • Fixed issue #24356 RMA's post unit price to actual cost when RMA is Received
  • Fixed issue #24381 *Ship-To Address searching takes too long to return a value
  • Fixed issue #24421 *Sales order number reused after order is deleted
  • Fixed issue #24469 xt.lock problems persisting
  • Fixed issue #24482 *UOM Conversion Panel
  • Fixed issue #24512 _*No warning dialog is displayed on selecting to save 'Billing Approvals' with -ve Total _
  • Fixed issue #24588 *'Issue Line'/'Issue All' buttons are not working on 'Issue to Shipping' screen
  • Fixed issue #24627 *next/previous buttons iterate over canceled line items
  • Fixed issue #24687 *Sale Price disappears from RA
  • Fixed issue #24694 Unable to issue individual material item to work order from work order screen
  • Fixed issue #24698 Sales History does not reflect PO cost
  • Fixed issue #24702 *Copy Item does not maintain Target Item description and item_id properly
  • Fixed issue #24740 *'A Stored Procedure failed ..' dialog is displayed on Selecting to reserve zero(0.00) quantity from a lot
  • Fixed issue #24745 *Irrelevant behavior is observed in 'Routing' tab of 'Copy Item' screen
  • Fixed issue #24746 *Duplication of SalesType is allowed
  • Fixed issue #24750 *Item Copy not copying all data
  • Fixed issue #24756 *Insert to fails to save new address record
  • Fixed issue #24760 *Actual Cost Issue
  • Fixed issue #24761 *Item Prices are not updated on 'Copy Item' screen on selecting to uncheck 'Rollup Prices'
  • Fixed issue #24781 *Pricing Schedule Overlapping in Error
  • Fixed issue #24791 Cannot view posted misc check details
  • Fixed issue #24795 AVG costing with zero qtyonhand does not revert to STD costing with xwdspa
  • Fixed issue #24802 *Blank columns are observed in 'Count Tag Edit List' screen
  • Fixed issue #24823 *Priority Level
  • Fixed issue #24831 *Accounts Payable vouchers
  • Fixed issue #24834 *Permission error when creating new prospect/customer
  • Fixed issue #24839 *Exchange rate in bank rec don't work right
  • Fixed issue #24846 *Error with cash base taxation
  • Fixed issue #24848 Check detail may print unrelated vouchers on check stub
  • Fixed issue #24850 *Cannot create CRM account without MaintainUsers privilege
  • Fixed issue #24872 *Error distributing to default location using Issue to Shipping screen
  • Fixed issue #24878 *Error upon entering line qty for SO line item with Item Availability Workbench open
  • Fixed issue #24882 *Unapplied A/R Credit Mem - Screen dif from Print
  • Fixed issue #24885 *AR out of balance
  • Fixed issue #24887 *Inventory receiving adds to order to Packing List Batch without reserving inventory
  • Fixed issue #24898 *dup work orders
  • Fixed issue #24902 *Void invoice using alternate accnt
  • Fixed issue #24909 void voucher does not work on multi-select
  • Fixed issue #24914 *470 Issue: Summarized Sales total don't match
  • Fixed issue #24958 *Sales Order Line Item Edit : Reserve & Save should not be hidden
  • Fixed issue #24959 *Bypass reserve and save Pop Up Window
  • Fixed issue #24963 itemsite trigger for reorderlevels
  • Fixed issue #24964 *Unit cost on converted quote displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue #24996 *Request Profit % on Brief Sales History Report
  • Fixed issue #25022 *Omnibus: Cursor defaults to 'Transaction Date' irrelevantly
  • Fixed issue #25026 *Non-Netable' column values are not displayed in print report of 'Quantities on Hand'
  • Fixed issue #25034 *QOH not Displaying in the Advanced Item Search
  • Fixed issue #25043 *Available QOH not showing in line tab, quote window
  • Fixed issue #25046 Wrong values when returning same item on two lines
  • Fixed issue #25049 Discrepancy in privileges to maintain a customer
  • Fixed issue #25058 *Totals not displaying for all quotes in the Quotes window
  • Fixed issue #25077 *Margin and Margin % are displaying incorrectly in the Unposted Invoice and Invoice windows
  • Fixed issue #25097 SO Print on Save defaults to Cancel, not OK/Print
  • Fixed issue #25109 *Irrelevant behavior is observed in Customer Workbench screen
  • Fixed issue #25116 *Characteristic values not displaying in the Open Sales Orders Window
  • Fixed issue #25118 *Using new Security Roles not Working
  • Fixed issue #25130 *Selecting to copy the sales order doesn't copy the Sales Order characteristics
  • Fixed issue #25141 *Postgre 9.1, 9.2 :User is not allowed to create a work order on mfgdemo,mfg empty data bases
  • Fixed issue #25142 4.7.0 dist and mfg quickstart dbs missing account assigments

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Oct 3 2007
Oct 3 2007
Version: 1.0
Just a quick note there was an omission in the Read Me about the Username\Password needed to access the system. The username and password is "mfgadmin" (all lower case). I will have a new version posted shortly that will correct this. If you have any questions please send e-mail to me or visit the PostBooks Community site at
Oct 3 2007
Oct 3 2007
Version: 1.0
Ok, double click installer and install..good...Now what??? I launch the app and it asks to login to the database. What's the username and password? How do I start up the database or is it already set to run.?


App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later
  • PowerPC version in Related Links

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