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4.8.0 23 Mar 2015

Simplifies installation of open source project PostBooks.


Developer website: Innovative Solutions International

PostBooks Installer is designed to simplify installation of the open source project PostBooks.

PostBooks is a full-featured, fully-integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM system, based on the award-winning xTuple ERP Suite for accountants, manufacturers, and distributors. PostBooks is licensed under CPAL, the OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License and is free to use.

What's New

Version 4.8.0:
  • Implemented issue #17145 *Add the ability to post "checks" without printing
  • Implemented issue #24314 Add "Item Pattern" to parameter widget in Sales History
  • Implemented issue #24532 *Improve Sales Order Line Item Entry
  • Implemented issue #24769 Add a generic signal interface for scripting
  • Implemented issue #25114 Total Amount on Opportunity List View
  • Fixed issue #17261 Invoice Register preview and print blank
  • Fixed issue #22081 Open AP voucher which we cannot wipe off by paying check or applying a credit
  • Fixed issue #23119 Invoice doubling issue
  • Fixed issue #23510 Problem with miscellaneous vouchers
  • Fixed issue #23574 *'Add' buttons is active under 'Roles' tab in the 'User Account Information screen' when no role is selected
  • Fixed issue #23639 Barcode scanning into Post Operation screen
  • Fixed issue #24191 *Sales Order characteristics not being added to automatically-generated Purchase Orders
  • Fixed issue #24356 RMA's post unit price to actual cost when RMA is Received
  • Fixed issue #24381 *Ship-To Address searching takes too long to return a value
  • Fixed issue #24421 *Sales order number reused after order is deleted
  • Fixed issue #24469 xt.lock problems persisting
  • Fixed issue #24482 *UOM Conversion Panel
  • Fixed issue #24512 _*No warning dialog is displayed on selecting to save 'Billing Approvals' with -ve Total _
  • Fixed issue #24588 *'Issue Line'/'Issue All' buttons are not working on 'Issue to Shipping' screen
  • Fixed issue #24627 *next/previous buttons iterate over canceled line items
  • Fixed issue #24687 *Sale Price disappears from RA
  • Fixed issue #24694 Unable to issue individual material item to work order from work order screen
  • Fixed issue #24698 Sales History does not reflect PO cost
  • Fixed issue #24702 *Copy Item does not maintain Target Item description and item_id properly
  • Fixed issue #24740 *'A Stored Procedure failed ..' dialog is displayed on Selecting to reserve zero(0.00) quantity from a lot
  • Fixed issue #24745 *Irrelevant behavior is observed in 'Routing' tab of 'Copy Item' screen
  • Fixed issue #24746 *Duplication of SalesType is allowed
  • Fixed issue #24750 *Item Copy not copying all data
  • Fixed issue #24756 *Insert to fails to save new address record
  • Fixed issue #24760 *Actual Cost Issue
  • Fixed issue #24761 *Item Prices are not updated on 'Copy Item' screen on selecting to uncheck 'Rollup Prices'
  • Fixed issue #24781 *Pricing Schedule Overlapping in Error
  • Fixed issue #24791 Cannot view posted misc check details
  • Fixed issue #24795 AVG costing with zero qtyonhand does not revert to STD costing with xwdspa
  • Fixed issue #24802 *Blank columns are observed in 'Count Tag Edit List' screen
  • Fixed issue #24823 *Priority Level
  • Fixed issue #24831 *Accounts Payable vouchers
  • Fixed issue #24834 *Permission error when creating new prospect/customer
  • Fixed issue #24839 *Exchange rate in bank rec don't work right
  • Fixed issue #24846 *Error with cash base taxation
  • Fixed issue #24848 Check detail may print unrelated vouchers on check stub
  • Fixed issue #24850 *Cannot create CRM account without MaintainUsers privilege
  • Fixed issue #24872 *Error distributing to default location using Issue to Shipping screen
  • Fixed issue #24878 *Error upon entering line qty for SO line item with Item Availability Workbench open
  • Fixed issue #24882 *Unapplied A/R Credit Mem - Screen dif from Print
  • Fixed issue #24885 *AR out of balance
  • Fixed issue #24887 *Inventory receiving adds to order to Packing List Batch without reserving inventory
  • Fixed issue #24898 *dup work orders
  • Fixed issue #24902 *Void invoice using alternate accnt
  • Fixed issue #24909 void voucher does not work on multi-select
  • Fixed issue #24914 *470 Issue: Summarized Sales total don't match
  • Fixed issue #24958 *Sales Order Line Item Edit : Reserve & Save should not be hidden
  • Fixed issue #24959 *Bypass reserve and save Pop Up Window
  • Fixed issue #24963 itemsite trigger for reorderlevels
  • Fixed issue #24964 *Unit cost on converted quote displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue #24996 *Request Profit % on Brief Sales History Report
  • Fixed issue #25022 *Omnibus: Cursor defaults to 'Transaction Date' irrelevantly
  • Fixed issue #25026 *Non-Netable' column values are not displayed in print report of 'Quantities on Hand'
  • Fixed issue #25034 *QOH not Displaying in the Advanced Item Search
  • Fixed issue #25043 *Available QOH not showing in line tab, quote window
  • Fixed issue #25046 Wrong values when returning same item on two lines
  • Fixed issue #25049 Discrepancy in privileges to maintain a customer
  • Fixed issue #25058 *Totals not displaying for all quotes in the Quotes window
  • Fixed issue #25077 *Margin and Margin % are displaying incorrectly in the Unposted Invoice and Invoice windows
  • Fixed issue #25097 SO Print on Save defaults to Cancel, not OK/Print
  • Fixed issue #25109 *Irrelevant behavior is observed in Customer Workbench screen
  • Fixed issue #25116 *Characteristic values not displaying in the Open Sales Orders Window
  • Fixed issue #25118 *Using new Security Roles not Working
  • Fixed issue #25130 *Selecting to copy the sales order doesn't copy the Sales Order characteristics
  • Fixed issue #25141 *Postgre 9.1, 9.2 :User is not allowed to create a work order on mfgdemo,mfg empty data bases
  • Fixed issue #25142 4.7.0 dist and mfg quickstart dbs missing account assigments


  • OS X 10.4 or later
  • PowerPC version in Related Links


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