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04 December 2018

High-quality Raw image converter.


PhotoNinja (formerly Noise Ninja) is a professional-grade raw converter and image editor that gives you powerful new tools to get the best possible results from your digital camera. Built from the ground up with world-class image processing technology, it delivers exceptional image quality, quickly and easily.

  • Detail is crisp and impressive, and images have a uniquely pleasing and realistic look.
  • Includes all-new Noise Ninja 3.0 noise reduction filter with improved noise suppression and better preservation of detail.
  • Best-of-breed tools quickly and easily tame highlights, extract detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, and even out excessive contrast -- all with natural-looking results.
  • One-of-a-kind detail enhancement reveals latent detail and adds drama to your images without the usual halo artifacts.
  • Amazing highlight recovery convincingly repairs many overexposed images.
  • Built-in color styles help you get pleasing color quickly and easily, with carefully chosen treatments for skin and other key hues.
  • Optimized for RAW, but can also achieve impressive results with JPEG and TIFF.
  • Simple and fast "point-and-go" browser lets you access your image collection directly. No need to import into a catalog or library.
  • Can be used standalone or as a companion for other platforms like Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, and Aperture.

TRIAL LICENSE: You can request a two-week trial license key by sending an email request to

What's new in PhotoNinja

Version 1.3.6b:
  • Camera support, including Canon 6dMkII, M6; FujiFilm X-H1, X-E3, X-A3, X-A5, X-10; Nikon D850, D7500; , Olympus TG-5; Panasonic G80, GX85, G80, G85, G9; Pentax KP; Sony A7RIII, RX100V, RX10IV. (Possibly others that haven't been verified)
  • Lens identification for Canon, Nikon, Sony/Minolta, Pentax, Leica/Panasonic, and Olympus
  • Extraction of focus distance and white balance metadata for several Canon models
  • Focus distance for Olympus cameras
  • White point for ISO 100 images from Panasonic TZ101
  • White point for compressed Sony A7iii, RX10VI

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11 September 2012

Most helpful

In short, a 25% discount, ($129 -> $97) for what should be practically any existing customer, since this hasn't been updated in what seems like forever. Personally, I find this a bit disappointing.
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Version 1.0
15 September 2017
This looks like a port of a Windoze app, which one can easily tell by the lack of any menus in the Mac menu bar and lots of menus at the top of the app window. When you're working with a laptop screen, you need all the space you can find and adding an extra menubar on the app window rather than using the Mac's ever-present menubar is a "no sale" for me and a warning to others who might be interested. If you buy a $100+ app you expect it to have the Mac look and feel.
Version 1.3.5c
22 November 2016
It’s okay. The RAW conversion is little grainy and overall it’s a little clunky. It needs an upgrade badly with retina graphics at the top of the list because it looks really grainy on a MacBook Pro and that’s incongruous for an image editor. And honestly? It’s waaaaaaay overpriced. Something like Affinity Photo is less than half the price and will give you much more bang for your buck.
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Version 1.2.5
27 October 2015
its works for me :)
Version 1.2.5
24 September 2012
I used Noise Ninja in the past with very good results... Today I received a mail from a friend, telling me to give a try to PhotoNinja 1.0. I did some test to compare with LR4, Aperture, DXO and Capture One...yes I own license for all those...bit crazy maybe...;-) What I can see, is that this new soft is equal or better than the others with the presets by default. It will save me a lot of time in the future, and I can use it from LightRoom as an external editor, and PhotoNinja "finds" the raw original... Have a try, you won't regret it. As for the price, I had a reduction because my old licence of NoiseNinja...great.
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Version 1.0.2
12 September 2012
The $97 upgrade is nothing short of ridiculous. I recommend you look elsewhere, anywhere, for a better deal than this. I wound up with Noiseware and that is cheaper new than this is as an upgrade.
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Version 1.0
11 September 2012
In short, a 25% discount, ($129 -> $97) for what should be practically any existing customer, since this hasn't been updated in what seems like forever. Personally, I find this a bit disappointing.
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Version 1.0
28 April 2012
mmm is this supposed to be working also on PS cs6? becose just installed and it doesn't even show up in the menu... are you sure it is for all CS versions? i'm not
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Version 2.3.7
1 answer(s)
12 May 2012
According to their website, it's still a 32-bit plugin, and won't show up unless you're running in 32-bit mode... which does no good since CS6 is 64-bit only. Upshot? It won't run under CS6.
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Harry Flashman
08 November 2011
Nothing wrong at all with the quality of results it produces but a 64-bit version that works with CS5 is badly needed along with a more modern interface.
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Version 2.3.2
17 May 2011
"64-bit support for 64-bit Photoshop CS4 and above on 64-bit Windows." Wonderful! Now, how about 64-bit support for Mac OS X? It's been over a year since PS CS5 was released, and still no 64-bit version of Noise Ninja in sight.
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Version 2.3.2
30 January 2009
Noise Ninja just has such an outdated interface. It certainly works, which is most important though. Would like to update to the UI, more friendly, modern, etc.
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Version 2.3.2