Network Home Redirector
Network Home Redirector


Network Home Redirector free download for Mac

Network Home Redirector

28 October 2009

Redirect network traffic to the local machine.


Network Home Redirector... While network-based home directories provide many benefits, they also bring some unwanted headaches. These headaches usually come in the form of Microsoft Office User Data folder issues, as well as AFP performance issues when dealing with thousands, sometimes millions of cache files. If you would like to redirect some of that traffic to the local machine, instead of taxing your network and your AFP servers, NHR might be for you. Download the DMG file and choose the appropriate package installer(s) for your environment. That's it. The installer will install the scripts, set up the redirection and set a login and logout hook so that the scripts will run at every login and logout. All local users, including mobile accounts and portable home directories, will bypass the scripts and hooks.

What's new in Network Home Redirector

Version 3.2.6:
  • Added support for users with shortnames that include a "."

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