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8 Update 8


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XMind Pro

8 Update 8
24 July 2019

Popular mind mapping and project management app.


XMind Pro claims to be the most popular mind-mapping tool on the planet. You can use it to work through an individual brainstorming session and it will record and collect inspirations as you go. It can display as a mind-map or in a Gantt chart, and it works well with Office and can export in a number of ways to facilitate making reports. Version 8 has a refreshed look and a new slide-based presentation mode and the popular Walk Through presentation mode is still available.

XMind is an open source project, which means it's free to download and free to use forever as a version that allows you to make all kinds of diagrams. The price shown here is for Xmind Pro which includes all of the following features:

  • Customizable Theme
  • Export to PDF/SVG
  • Export to Word/Excel/PPT
  • Clip Art
  • Brainstorming Mode
  • Presentation Mode*
  • Gantt Chart
  • Audio Notes
  • Encrypt with Password
  • 60,000+ Icons

What's new in XMind Pro

Version 8 Update 8:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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16 December 2008

Most helpful

I don't mind that they made it free. However, with each release the program seems to be losing some functionality and since I did purchase the Pro version of XMIND 2008 (2.3.0), these latest releases have been a disappointment. With version 2.3.0 I imported many custom markers. I've been unable to export them and import them to XMIND 3. XMIND 3.0 had the options to export as MindJet MindManager Map, PDF Document, and RTF File (Word Compatible). I did not see these options anymore under 3.0.1's Export menu, although it now has the option to export as an XMIND 2008 Workbook. Under the View Menu, 3.0 had a Gantt Chart option. This is not present under 3.0.1 The same applies to Task Info. The application's size has gone from 67.4 MB (2.3.0) to 34 MB (3.0) to 31.2 MB (3.0.1). I don't know whether this is a reflection of more efficient coding or just loss of features. I used to recommend XMIND, and for people who have no similar software this free version is pretty good. I would probably rate it with 4 stars. But as someone who paid for the Pro version I'm not happy with the direction the company is taking. Their focus seems similar to MindMeister http://www.mindmeister.com/ but I have no need for online mind mapping. MindMeister recently had an attractive offer at MacZot, by the way. Mindjet also has an online feature that users can buy, but this is in addition to the actual software. I prefer that approach. For now I'll use XMIND 2.3.0 and 3.0, as well as my old copy of NovaMind. Eventually I may go with MindJet MindManager, although the development of their Mac version always seems to lag behind the Windows version. For people getting this for free, it's certainly a great value. For me, it's obviously not. At least I got it at a discounted price. I can't even imagine how people who actually paid $300 -if there are any- feel about these changes.
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Version 3.0.1
13 February 2018
Version 8 Update 6
13 October 2017
Simple to use (i didn't need any tutorials to start working), nice design. The product is pretty cool.
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Version 8 Update 4
25 February 2014
Trying it on 10.6.8, I notice that it kinda hijack MindManager! Yes it opens MM maps and that's great, but having both apps installed prohibits me from saving files in MindManager! I've lost hours trying to fix permissions, erasing prefs and the like, and in the end, when I erased Xmind, all was working again! I don't know how it does this trick, but this doesn't allow you to compare both apps, you soon have to choose which one you'll use... :-/ Otherwise, If you start from scratch, it's a real bargain compared to MindManager. ;-)
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Version 3.4.1
12 December 2013
Had an earlier version - though I didn’t really use it. That one launched, the new one comes up with this: XMind 2013 Beta has expired. Thank you for helping us evaluate it. You can download the latest version at http://www.xmind.net/ .
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Version 3.4.0
08 April 2013
I won't rate it for now 'cos I haven't used it enough, but I can say that having problems under my 10.6.8 config with MindManager and MindNode Pro, Xmind seems to work ok instead (probably due to Java) and imports MindManager maps and a lot of other formats (for exporting, you need the Pro version). My problems are surely due to my old system, copied and upgraded through the years, but I have no time to reinstall OSX from scratch so Xmind is an alternative, for the time being. ;-)
Version 3.3.1
26 December 2012
This software is SUPERB. I love this app!
Version 3.3.1
28 November 2011
Probably the best quality/value.
Version 3
30 March 2011
Very nice app, but if my mindmap is large it wont fit on a page without being zoomed to an unreadable size :/
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Version 3.2.1
30 May 2009
What is it with this XMind ID? I own a copy of XMind and just want to get an update and can't get past the log-in. Frustrated occupant of the real world trying to get into this "Members Only Enclave". Is XMind "Restricted"?
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Version 3.0.3
24 March 2009
Xmind Pro is an excellent product - but some important features are missing on the mac version : export to powerpoint is the main miss... export to Word also and export to opml format is also missing. Stangely the same feature are also missing on Mindjet Mac. Novamind is the only mindmap witch is able to export to powerpoint or keynote...
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Version 3.0.2