Turret Wars Retro
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Fast paced 3D arcade game, battle against enemy gun turrets.   Demo ($9.95)
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Turret Wars Retro is a single player fast paced 3D arcade game, where you battle against enemy gun turrets, finding and destroying them before they find and destroy you!

Choose from 9 amazing playing environments, each with their own difficulties and strategies, or select RANDOM and let the game select random environments for you.

Choose from four different gun turret types, each with slightly different weapon and armor or projectile features. Computer controlled enemy turrets will be chosen as a random selection of these turret types.

You get the
What's New
Version 1.7.7:
  • * Fixed occasional inability to fire after rockets are launched
Intel/PPC, G4 or better, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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Turret Wars Retro User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Mac5 commented on 03 Aug 2009
This game has great potential, but as so many other users have stated - its extremely difficult to really master. The high level projectile, or lob often will not reach the more distant targets. The flatter round simply hits the landscape nearby. The controls are slow to react using either the mouse or your keyboard. It is however a game which is a real challenge.. I have, and play most of the newer fps type games which can also be very demanding.. but in a different way. Once you play the same scene over a few times you get the hang of it. Turret wars Retro is somewhat more difficult to master with the feeling from the onset that you really are not going to hit many of your targets in a given time.
I have a new MacPro with 16GB of RAM and a top graphics card, and the graphics are quite reasonable for such a small game even when set on 1920 x 1200 on my monitor.
A few tweaks here and there could make this game so much better, and one I'd play on a regular basis.
[Version 1.7.6]

Sector3 Pty Ltd (developer) commented on 22 Aug 2007
Ok, we have added 3 key new elements in v1.7 to make it easier for people to play.

The first is a slower targeting time for enemy turrets in easier levels, so you have more time to target and destroy enemies.

The second is the MegaHealth bunker. This bunker will automatically replenish your armour during the duration of the game. It wont keep you alive when being totally bombarded, but it will help you stay alive longer.

The third is the practice mode. This will allow you to practice all environments, against up to 7 enemies and never get attacked. Practice your targeting skills, and play with the new missiles. Bombers will come overhead in this mode, but will not drop bombs on you.

We feel that these 3 changes/additions in 1.7 will dramatically help those that have found playing Turret Wars too difficult to master.

As always, we take on all feedback from our customers and potential customers and are always striving to improve our games for all.
[Version 1.7]

ozgamerchick commented on 02 Aug 2007
I downloaded Turretwars about a week ago after reading SYZZYGY's post
about how hard it was to play, because I like a good challenge and like
the idea of being able to play quick games at work during my lunch
break. I bought it the same day. $9.95 is a steal.

I have to say that if you guys are finding it that hard to win
against the computer after 100 games, you must have a motor skills problem.

Sure the
game is a challenge, but after only a few days of playing, I can win
more that 50% of my games against 7 enemies in Advanced mode now.

I bought the game because I wanted a challenge. It's not a lovey dovey
game where you win because the computer doesn't want to hurt your
feelings. It's a battle game and the description of the game on the
developers website (and here) is pretty clear. Destroy or be destroyed.

If you have played 100 games and haven't improved, then this game
clearly isn't for you. But why would you think 90% of the people that
buy this game are going to give up? Have you seen the highscores ladder?
You are clearly wrong, or I am just the 1 in 10.

I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants both a challenge and
longevity in their game purchase.
[Version 1.6.1]



nostrodumbass reviewed on 29 Jul 2007
I pretty much agree with the previous reviewer. Turret Wars is fun, but it becomes less and less so over time.
The developer has made the game extremely difficult to excel at.
Doing well(scoring high) means extremely high accuracy...and doing so very rapidly at all targets, but the learning curve is so steep as to eventually destroy your motivation for persevering.
I've played hundreds of times, in beginner's level, but have reached an impasse.....I'm just about at the point of throwing in the towel.
There are many other targets besides opposing turrets, but really no time to hit more than one or two, and then only occasionally. An opposing turret zero's in on your turret very rapidly and destroys it unless your own accuracy is right on target.....something almost impossible to do with any consistency.
I'd say of every ten folks who purchase Turret Wars, nine will give up on it in exasperation and frustration sooner or later.
Turret Wars is quite punishing. Why the developer has made it so is a mystery.
[Version 1.6]

1 Reply

eContact (developer) replied on 02 Aug 2007
Though I understand what you are saying, I don't really agree.Thew game is random, so skills acquired in game play dot always work due to the nature of the randomness of the game. Thats not a punishment, more a feature to make the game a continual challenge.

The skills most pickup in the game is the ability to judge distance and rotation quicker allowing them to be able to defeat more enemies quicker.

You 9 in 10 theory doesn't really hold up... if you look at our online high scores table with almost 40,000 scores in there that clearly show that over 70% of our players learn to defeat more than 50% of the enemy turrets quite easily.

Also consider that the game play changes in higher difficulty levels due to wind and more aggressive enemies that defeat themselves as aggressively as they attack the player.

It's not a game for everyone, sure.. but i think you review is a gross generalisation on everyones ability.


syharris reviewed on 23 Jul 2007
While initially, Turret Wars is great fun, it slowly becomes a progressively frustrating and rather demoralizing experience. To do well, you must hit targets with pinpoint accuracy in a short amount of time. To do that with any semblance of expertise requires, literally, many hundreds of hours of play. The mastery curve is very, very steep...it's simple to learn but very, very hard to play it well.
The beginners level is very difficult, the intermediate level is horrendous, the advanced level is just impossible and the master's level is, well, absurd.
This game will kick your ass hard, over and over and over again. It's definitely not for everyone.
The game's design is quite sophisticated and the graphics are very well done.
I'm not sorry that I purchased it, though.
[Version 1.6]



Syzzygy reviewed on 20 Jul 2007
A fair amount of the time, it's nearly impossible to determine where a target is; often, I found myself shooting pretty blindly.
Sometimes, I just couldn't zero in on a target regardless of how hard I tried.
Fine tuning one's shots is extremely difficult.
Trying to shoot down an airplane is just an excercise in futility.
Still, it's a moderately fun way to piss away a half hour or an hour, but I did find it fairly exasperating and discouraging.
Graphically, it's pretty nice.
At $9 US, it's quite reasonably priced.
[Version 1.6]

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eContact (developer) replied on 20 Jul 2007
Thanks for your honest feedback :-)
In regards to blindly shooting to find an enemy turret, thats intentional. Thats said, we give you plenty of ways to locate them without blindly shooting. There of course the map that indicates all enemies with yellow squares and also shows you where they are firing. There is also the [i] key that will bring up all turrets locations in the projectile view (so long as they can be seen).

Fine tuning the Turret is also made easier by using the shift/control kets to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the rotations and velocity. We also have on the HUD the current heading/pitch and velocity setting numerically to make it easy to see how you are adjusting.

Shooting down bombers is intentionally difficult. Thats why you get such a HUGE bonus when you do, and also why we rank all our players on number of Bombers & Drop ships destroyed.

We are constantly improving the game and are always happy to listen to feedback and feature requests.

We have a forum on our website. Please feel free to offer improvement suggestions there, so our developers can all see them and find ways of working them into future versions.

wozardofiz commented on 28 May 2007
Really good game, however after a couple of rounds of play, the game gets sluggish and jerky, renedering it unplayable. Only after quitting and restarting the game does it revert back to normal.
[Version 1.2]

3 Replies

Sector3 Pty Ltd (developer) replied on 01 Jun 2007
What spec machine are you on? We haven't encountered any slow down issues during game play in any of our testing, but we also don't have every configuration machine/os to test on :( Was this the demo or full version?
I am happy to work with you on sorting out the problem. Email us at games@sector3.com.au with your system specs and what was happening when it slowed down.

wozardofiz replied on 02 Jun 2007
867MHZ G4 Dual Processor running OS 10.4.9
On the demo, After the second round of play, the game will stutter ad slow down as you attempt to move the turrent from left to right or up and down. It makes aiming impossible and the game pretty much unplayable. Shame really. Looks like a great game.
eContact (developer) replied on 20 Jul 2007
Hi Wozardofiz,

Have you had a look at any of the newer versions of Turret Wars so see if we have improved the stability and responsiveness?

We have made many improvements to the game, including many performance tweaks.
Sector3 Pty Ltd (developer) commented on 15 May 2007
Oh, and you will be able to move even a single license around between machines by resetting your registration when logged into our website.

We have definately listened to our customers feedback regarding licensing, and believe we have found a great solution.
[Version 1.0]

Sector3 Pty Ltd (developer) commented on 15 May 2007
Turret Wars 1.2 is about to be released and we are now offering a Family Pack at the same price as our original single license, allowing you to register the game on up to 3 machines, as well as a cheaper single license pack.
[Version 1.0]

Cetyl commented on 02 May 2007
A nice implementation of an artillery game... however it can be registered to only one computer per purchase.
[Version 1.0]

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Type:Games : Action
Date:17 Jan 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $9.95
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Turret Wars Retro is a single player fast paced 3D arcade game, where you battle against enemy gun turrets, finding and destroying them before they find and destroy you!

Choose from 9 amazing playing environments, each with their own difficulties and strategies, or select RANDOM and let the game select random environments for you.

Choose from four different gun turret types, each with slightly different weapon and armor or projectile features. Computer controlled enemy turrets will be chosen as a random selection of these turret types.

You get the choice of fighting against one to seven other computer controlled gun turrets, in four different difficulty levels. Each difficulty level also introduces differing wind conditions.

Highscores are saved on our game server (if you have an active Internet connection) so you can compare your scores against other players around the world, based on difficulty level, environment and enemy turrets being fought.

You also have full game statistics per game and accumulative.

Demo Version limitations - 1 environment (the canyons) - 1 turret type (Imperials) - 1 difficulty level (Beginner) - No Missile or MegaHealth bunkers - No Bombers or Dropships. - No score saving

Even with these limitations, you will find that playing the Turret Wars Retro demo is a lot of fun.

We hope that if you will truly enjoy playing the demo, you will support us by buying the full version.

- -