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2.03 27 Jun 2009

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Developer website: Klaus Berkling

SpamCop Tool is a utility integrated with Apple's Mail application and It is used to report and process junk mail.

SpamCop Tools allows you to easily report spam to and internal spam reporting addresses. Hundreds of spam messages can be processed quickly.

With a single click, you can also report fraud and scam messges to the main FTC spam address.

What's New

Version 2.03:
  • Better Leopard support - The previous version worked best under Mac OS 10.4. Sending messages and deleting spam and SpamCop messages worked as expected. Under Mac OS 10.5 some of the mechanisms changed and deleting spam or SpamCop messages would not delete on IMAP servers. This has been fixed in SpamCop Tool 2.
  • Local and IMAP Folders - SpamCop 2 now handles folders and subfolders in your Mac or IMAP server better.
  • Support for Tabs in Safari - There is now an option to use Safari even if it is not your default browser and it supports tabs if your Safari preferences is not set to use tabs. The tool also opens a new window in Safari to not interfere with an exiting window.
  • Support for FTC spam address - You can now forward fraud and scams to the FTC spam address.
  • Private Spam Address - Spam can be redirected to an internal spam address. Use with SpamAssassin.
  • Private Not-Spam Address - A ham message, or a message that is not spam can be redirected to your local not-spam address. Use with SpamAssassin.
  • Single Button Operation - Click a single button to send your spam to as well as internal spam reporting address. And the FTC.


  • OS X 10.5 or later
  • SpamCop reporting e-mail address


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