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06 April 2020

Transform global map projections into GIF/PDF/PNG/PS images.


G.Projector transforms an input equirectangular map image using any of 90-plus global and regional map projections. Longitude-latitude gridlines and continental outlines may be added. Output map images may be saved in GIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PS, or TIFF format.

What's new in G.Projector

Version 2.5.0:
  • Re-factored all projection constructors to better manage variable initialization.
  • Re-factored all projections with extra params to prevent indirect/direct setting mismatch.
  • Added Gnomonic Icosahedron projection (#202).
  • Bugfix: Scaling of grid, border and outline line widths in saved image output.
  • Other minor optimizations and reduction of redundant code.
  • Library: Updated Apache pdfbox to v. 2.0.18.
  • Library: Updated slf4j to v. 1.7.30.

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