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Freebie Pack

12 March 2007

4 free FXplug plugins for Motion and Final Cut Pro.


Freebie Pack 1 is four free FXplug plugins for Motion and Final Cut Pro
  1. MultiSpace:
    Puts two inputs into 3d space with global & independent XYZ & rotation. Planes can intersect too.
  2. iSight Live!:
    Yes, get a live input on your timeline in Motion & FCP. Very handy for picking a colour off a client's brochure. I've also waved a white envelope in front of the camera and used that as a key signal.
  3. Rack Focus:
    Racks the blur from one input to the other with one parameter. Both blur values for each input can be independently set. Great for highlighting text over a picture
  4. Opposites:
    Two input basic parameter linking - move one left, the other goes right. Rotate one clockwise, the other one goes anticlock. Very handy as you can assign a behavoir such as random to both elements. Great for getting funky text moves.

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