Shufflepuck REVOLUTION
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Similar to air hockey game.   Free
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  • Shufflepuck REVOLUTION has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Julian Meinold
Shufflepuck REVOLUTION is a very simple Mac OS X exclusive 3D action game featuring 12 unique opponents, a two player splitscreen mode, a special bonus game, game pad input, a boss key and graphics by Peter Volpert.
What's New
Version 3.2: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
  • PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • 32 MB video memory.

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Shufflepuck REVOLU... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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grafiqdesigner81 reviewed on 27 Oct 2008
To those saying that its nearly impossible to really isnt. I've done it twice now in four games. A lot of it really isn't due to skill though...I think the AI just gets into situations where the puck somehow gets behind their paddle and they knock it back into their goal. As long as you keep up with the puck...and honestly I haven't found it that can win.

I too remember the old Shufflepuck Cafe from my days on a Mac Plus, and this feels like its on its way there, but yes, it seems the characters don't really have much difference in style or aggressiveness. I recall some of the earlier opponents in Shufflepuck Cafe being slow and the player getting a pretty large paddle. As you go through the opponents though, their style of play becomes ridiculously aggressive and you get a ridiculously small paddle.

Plus the animations were always great in Shufflepuck Cafe...even if you lost. This could be a really great reinvention of that game, but it still needs to go a long ways to get there. It is a great start though. I like the idea of having a sort of "health meter" that shows how strong your defenses are before the puck will finally go in. It spices things up a bit and makes things a little more interesting...especially if both sides have very weak makes you react a little faster (and maybe even get a little more wreckless) to try and protect your goal.

I don't know if I would buy this game in its current state, but if it got a bit more polished and animated I might consider it. Another thing would be to add some background ambient sound like glasses clinking like Shufflepuck Cafe had (it did didnt it? geez that was a loooong time ago). Also a background image or some 3D animated backdrop might also help it out a little...just to add to the environment. Doesnt have to be anything too elaborate.

Man I miss Shufflepuck Cafe...
[Version 3.2]



jeffisme reviewed on 14 Mar 2007
I'm an old fan of Shufflepuck (but on the Amiga), which was one of the best computer games ever created. This isn't there yet, but it's on the way, and I'm having a great time with it. With this newer version, I can actually win, and it's got a clever twist to it that allows you to let a goal or two in without being penalized.

I also have to say that the developer is remarkably open to suggestions and is immediately responsive to queries.
[Version 2.1]


smarv reviewed on 12 Mar 2007
This games idea is great! I loved shufflepuck cafe back on my atari, and it really raises big emotions in me.

But though im enjoying this games' style, its gameplay is a little suboptimal: AI keeps on winning.

With some major annoyances fixed, i would really appreciate this game!
[Version 2.0]



bedouin reviewed on 11 Mar 2007
Apparently this game doesn't work if you have more than one display. The game gets mirrored on all displays and the mouse goes crazy making it unplayable.

I'll stick with Tuxpuck and Shufflepuck Cafe in Mini vMac.
[Version 2.0]



Syzzygy reviewed on 11 Mar 2007
The previous 2 reviews reflect my feelings to a "T". The game's WAY to difficult for all but the "hotshots" out there, and maybe for them too.
There are 12 or so different"opponents" to choose from, although many are blocked in the trial mode, but there seems to be no differences in their "play".
You get the "message" before playing very long that you haven't got a chance.
I played 'till the time limited trial ran out, and felt that I had just been the victim of a vicious assault and battery.
As it stands, now, there's no way in hell that I'd buy this game, let alone play it any more.
It does show promise, though, if the developer takes these reviews to heart and makes the necessary modifications.
[Version 2.0]



adinb reviewed on 11 Mar 2007
Game runs *way* too fast, puck is *way* too small, AI always way too big.

This isn't even "frustration-ware", this is just butt-kicking-ware.

There's a lot of text about different characters, but beyond being a different bitmap, I really can't tell any difference in their play style or speed. If you're gonna make me read about 12+ characters, make them somehow distinctive. Give 'em a level rating--help guide the new user.

Also missing is any option to play in windowed mode or adjust sound/activity levels. And not UB? Wha....?

With some AI/Character/polish work, this *could* be a fun game. But as it is now, it's basically unplayable.
[Version 2.0]



syharris reviewed on 11 Mar 2007
The game is set to fire the puck at you very fast; there's no way to vary the speed. It's nearly impossible to beat, I was trounced every single time.
The "opponent" virtually never misses returning your shot.
In this game, the cards are stacked against you regardless of how hard you try.
The more I played, the more demoralized I got. I eventually thought, "what's the point of continuing, this just isn't fun", and trashed the game.
The developers need to incorporate several difficulty levels, perhaps programming the game to "sense" the player's level of expertise and accommodate itself to it, while still keeping the game a challenge.
As it stands now, one leaves the game with the feeling of having been relentlessly kicked in the stomach.... which might appeal to a masochist, I guess.
[Version 2.0]


M-Rick commented on 11 Mar 2007
Why not Universal ?
It is just an option to check when building an app in the dev tools.
[Version 2.0]

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Krystof Vasa replied on 11 Mar 2007
It's just XCode. There are many other development environments that do not support (yet?) UB by just checking a box. Why do you think Apple didn't release its pro-tools in January when it announced the first MacTel? It's not that easy sometimes.
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Version Downloads:1,969
Type:Games : Action
Date:26 Oct 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Shufflepuck REVOLUTION is a very simple Mac OS X exclusive 3D action game featuring 12 unique opponents, a two player splitscreen mode, a special bonus game, game pad input, a boss key and graphics by Peter Volpert.

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