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Xcode Toolbox0.3

24 March 2007

Speeds up get & set methods for programming variables in C.


Xcode Toolbox prints out customizable accessor/mutator (get/set) methods for the variables of an Objective-C object. When creating a new object, instead of tediously typing in get & set methods for each variable, Xcode Toolbox creates methods and declarations for you from the declarations in the header file.

What's new in Xcode Toolbox

Version 0.3:
  • Vastly improved user layout
  • Ability to include/exclude variables
  • Ability to include/exclude dealloc methods for any variable
  • Fully customizable accessor/mutator/dealloc methods for any variable type
  • Built-in methods editor
  • On-the-fly updates allow you to see results as you change anything
  • Advanced toggling capabilities
  • Optional commenting and #pragma marks
  • Shortcuts to copy various forms of output directly to the clipboard, without having to select text
  • Outputs both methods and variable declarations
Version 0.2:
  • New text input method
  • Improved layout

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1 Reviews of Xcode Toolbox

11 March 2007
Version: 0.2

Most helpful

Dosnt work for me. Just shows an empty window
11 March 2007
Version: 0.2
Dosnt work for me. Just shows an empty window
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