Balance 1.2.4
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Track your finances, stocks, credit cards, etc.   Commercial ($0.99)
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  • Balance has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Martin Davidsson
Balance... Track your finances, whether it be stock investments or a credit card transaction. Then chart them according to the categories you define.
What's New
Version 1.2.4:
  • Grid view to show average and total expenditures by month in a year
  • Ability to input fractional shares in the investment account
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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MacUpdate - Balance

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Balance User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Pedro-Fardilha commented on 01 Feb 2007
To bad that it doesn't allow me to choose the decimal separator.
I need to use "," but balance doesn't allow me to.
Well... let's keep searching for a way to find out why I never have any money left on the end of the month
[Version 1.2]



displaced reviewed on 25 Jan 2007
Balance looks like a fantastic application, which comes at a great price!

The interface is very clean. The idea of having the transaction entry feature right there on the main screen is great.

I've manually entered some transactions and it behaves exactly as it should.

However, I'd really appreciate an import feature. My online banking service provides downloads in comma-separated values style (as well as more complex formats such as Quickbooks and Microsoft Money).

An import feature that could handle CSV files would be excellent. Many banks and personal finance software can export plain-text CSV files. Also, many home users may already maintain a spreadsheet to track their transactions. Adding CSV support could help existing users who use online banking or a spreadsheet application.

For my use, here's how I'd like to see an import function work:

* Prompt to open the CSV file

* Present a list of the column headers from that file. This would be assumed to be the first line of the CSV file (that'd be nice because just in case the bank's CSV file doesn't include headers, it's trivial for a user to add them in a spreadsheet app).

* This list of columns in the file could then be mapped to those which Balance uses. My banking service provides a 'Memo' field, which could be a good starting point for the 'Category' field.

* Balance would then loop through the CSV file, adding transactions by pulling data from the specified columns.

With an import feature that's flexible yet simple, this would (for me) be the perfect day-to-day finance tracker.
[Version 1.2]

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Version Downloads:378
Type:Business : Finance
Date:09 Jun 2011
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $0.99
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Balance... Track your finances, whether it be stock investments or a credit card transaction. Then chart them according to the categories you define.

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