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Remote Desktop Connection frontend.   Free
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  • RDC has been discontinued
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    Baritchi Software
Remote Desktop Connection frontend. It uses rdesktop for linux (you can install it with Fink or Darwinports).
What's New
Version 0.4.4:
  • fixed "use consol/enable compression not working" (issues #12, #11[not sure], #4 ) - bcd
Intel/PPC, Apple's X11.

*Previously available here

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simen commented on 04 Sep 2008
The link is dead. And I've been trying to search for this software. Anyone care to mirror it?
[Version 0.4.4]

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mathuaerknedam commented on 16 Oct 2008
download.com has version 1.0.
ankledeepclams commented on 16 Jan 2007
"Keyboard map issues fixed?"

No, I'm sorry, the keyboard map is completely broken. It's impossible to type. I would love to use this tool for connection management, but it does something very, very bad to the keyboard map. The output of typing the 26 letters of the alphabet results in "07243gl'kcxsh- wd8=6q5".

Obviously it's a bit difficult to control a computer under such circumstances.
[Version 0.4.3]

trolli commented on 15 Jan 2007
Its a nice frontend for all my server connection, but I miss the keyboard setting.
I have swiss keyboard layout, but the default after connecting will then be english.
Also setting the hostname will be a good addition.
[Version 0.4.2]


daycare commented on 15 Jan 2007
I can start it, but the keyboard isn't recognized and I can't set it, type a 'd', nothing shown (account name)
[Version 0.4.2]


grumpytico commented on 09 Jan 2007
I can't get it to work. I get the app to launch, input the parameters, hit connect, x11 (latest version) opens up and nothing happens. Any clues?
[Version 0.4.1]

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bcd commented on 15 Jan 2007
we've released a new version ... but it's focused on UI.
if you open X11 and from the terminal you type [pathto your rdesktop]rdesktop IP_ADDRESS it connects you to the remote machine?
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Version Downloads:4,345
Type:Internet : Internet Utilities
Date:13 Mar 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Remote Desktop Connection frontend. It uses rdesktop for linux (you can install it with Fink or Darwinports).

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