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LocationChanger for Mac1.3

04 January 2008

Automatically changes numerous settings in OS X based on location.

What is LocationChanger for Mac

LocationChanger automatically changes numerous settings in OS X based on location. Can reconfigure Mail, iChat, Volume, Printer, Privoxy, NFS, SMB, Skype and all proxy settings based on detected network environment.

What's new in LocationChanger

Version 1.3:
  • added Leopard support
  • added Google Maps option for geolocation
  • added support for Wigle.net geolocation queries on the basis of WiFi scan
  • added support for Network Time Servers
  • bug fix: multi-line Growl announcements fixed
  • removed user configuration of Apple Remote Desktop path (part of OS, and checked for in install)
  • retries acquiring gateway information if unsuccessful (up to 3 times)
  • all output is directed to logfile
  • added support for Leopard iChat (accounts instead of services)
  • bug fix: mutliple Mail.app accounts fixed
  • tries to acquire network mutliple times
  • can identify location according to PPP server
  • eliminated BSSID in GUI (redundant with Gateway Hardware Address)

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Jan 29 2008
Jan 29 2008
Version: 1.3
It's a great concept for a program, but LocationChanger is lacking in a number of key areas. It is difficult to configure, as virtually all settings are simply text fields that must be filled in. (Growl Path? To the PrefPane? No...) I've followed this App ver time, and frustratingly, bugs get fixed in one version and then reappear in another -- it appears it went from one developer to another, and the new group decided to reimplement a _very_ poorly considered feature. (Specifically, the danged thing turns on Network Proxies every time my Location changes. No way to stop this -- I have to manually change Network Prefs _every time_ now....) All in all, this app would be nice if it were readily useable, but it's too hard for a layman to configure, and has recurring usability issues. If you can get it set up it can be useful, but there are alternatives that are worth the price. I would recommend the shareware NetworkLocation instead. Fewer features (so far), but very easy to use.