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CrossFTP Pro

31 October 2018

FTP client and synchronization tool.


CrossFTP is an FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and Google Storage client.

  • Powerful FTP and Amazon S3 client
  • Unicode support for international sites
  • Bonjour service discovery
  • Site password protection
  • Multi-tab navigation
  • Archive browsing (.zip,.tar.gz,etc.), extraction, and compression
  • Fast filtering by masks
  • Transfer compression (mode Z)
  • Web searching
  • Auto-reconnecting and anti-idle
  • Sound and event triggers
  • Multi-part upload

CrossFTP Pro, available for a license fee, adds the following features:

  • Improved Amazon S3 support
  • Improved Amazon Glacier support
  • Compressing support
  • Local encryption support
  • Directory synchronization
  • CouldFront CDN support
  • Mutli-thread queue engine
  • Backup and bi-directional synchronization tool
  • Secure file transport (SSL/TLS)
  • FXP (Site to Site) file transport
  • IPv6 support
  • FTPS/SSH file transport
  • WebDav(s) and iDisk support
  • Remote file edit and save
  • Search for remote files and local archive files
  • Speed limitation support
  • URL generation for FTP, S3, private distribution, etc.

What's new in CrossFTP Pro

Version 1.99.0:
  • The Site-local-site and FXP's hint
  • The Mac AppStore’s crash issue

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25 October 2007

Most helpful

Hi. Welcome to the Mac. You're going to fail due to your craptacular interface. Have a nice day.
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Version 1.38
10 November 2017
MacUpdate says the current version is 1.98.6, BUT its download link incorrectly gets 1.98.4. Nevertheless, the developers website provides 1.98.6 as the current version.
Version 1.98.6
05 March 2016
MacUpdate says the current version is 1.97.5, BUT its download link gets 1.97.4. Furthermore, the developers website provides 1.97.6 as the current version.
Version 1.97.5
22 July 2015
good for me
Version 1.97.1
28 August 2014
I downloaded it both from here, and from CrossFTP's website, and both times when I try to run it, I get an error saying it's been damaged and telling me I should move it to the trash. OS 10.9.4.
Version 1.95.2
1 answer(s)
18 September 2014
Hi, Pensketch :
If you met: "” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
The solution is: Please choose "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere" in your System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. We will try to fix this in a future release.
31 January 2014
Hi, There are numerous FTP clients available for Mac and each of them claims to be the best because they have the most features and are the fastest. CrossFTP is an average FTP client, but after trying a lot of them, not one I can't live with. First thing is : it's Java based. While this makes sense for the developer who can offer a multi platform product, Java is about the slowest environment you can think of. And to install you need to determine if you're running Java 5, 6 or 7, download the correct version... only to find out that, after the numerous leaks in Java's security, Apple disabled it, so you probably will have to install Java. Thus, CrossFTP is NOT WORKING out of the box in some (most ?) cases. Second thing is : it's working nice with Dual-Pane interface. But it lacks one feature that other FTP clients offer, even sometimes for free. That is the ability to transfer files from remote site to remote site. Of course, you can always mount a remote FTP server as a disk in MacOs. But doing this will end up with several "invisbible" files dropped in every opened window... Not really nice. Transmit can do "remote to remote", as can Forklift. So all in all, it works, transfers are rather fast but being Java based it not as responsive as it could be if developed natively for MacOS. I think I'll stick to forklift, Filezilla and Cyberduck.
Version 1.94.2
1 answer(s)
03 February 2014
Thanks for your feedback. 1. In future we will provide a JRE bundled version so that you can run it out of the box. 2. CrossFTP actually supports site to site (FXP) transfer. If you met any problems on this, feel free to contact us. Thanks!
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29 November 2013
I have been using FileZilla since forever but it seems to crash when transferring a large amount of files, so I looked at cyberrduck which I don't get on with and then tried this. And this works great - similar to FileZilla but without the crashes. UI needs work looks like OS9 meets Windows XP - not never the less it solves a problem for me so still giving 5 stars
Version 1.93.4
16 August 2013
Nice FTP client. I can use it to upload large files (several G) to Amazon S3 properly.
Version 1.91.4
2 answer(s)
16 August 2013
If you have UI suggestions to improve the efficiency further, Email us and we will try to improve. Our design principle was to improve the working efficiency, e.g., dual panel and multi-tab UI can manage multiple FTP locations with ease; the queue editor controls your transfers; log window helps to solve issues, etc. Thanks!
01 January 2015

The dev posted a review and also replied to it?

hahaha @Crossworld (Developer) #fail
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25 April 2013
Oh c'mon!!!! Do something with your UI of the app. 2013!!! It looks extremely ugly and glitchy!!!!
Version 1.90.2
12 May 2010
Am I the only one not liking the UI? Probably because it is cross-platform but for me it doesn't work. CyberDuck is way better.
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Version 1.59a
1 answer(s)
06 December 2010
You're not alone. That's pretty ugly :)
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19 April 2008
looks a lot like filezilla
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Version 1.40