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PEnGUIn TooKit

07 October 2007

Encode your videos in PMP format.


PEnGUIn Toolkit is a convenient tool for encoding movies in PMP format on Mac OS X platforms.

There are three main features to this toolkit:

  1. The first function is "PEnGUIn(Encoder)". It is the Front-End software for mencoder(A video encoder under command line) with a special edition of x264 encoding support. Moreover, PEnGUIn(Encoder) is designed to encode movie clips into H264 AVC, MPEG4, and MP3 formats. After the movie clips has been encoded to the supported formats(H264 AVC, MPEG4, and MP3) with some special muxing process, they can be played on the Playstation Portable by PMP_MOD Player.
  2. The second function is "PEnGUIn(Muxer)". It is a Cocoa GUI joining with Perl Modules. These Perl Modules which were written by Jonny and were released on his official development website. The major function supported by PEnGUIn(Muxer) are: AVC Mux, AVI Mux, and PMP Demux. The PEnGUIn(Muxer) is able to mux audio/video clips into movies in PMP format and demux pmp files back to audio/video clips on the other hand. PMP movies can be played on the Playstation Portable by PMP_MOD Player only through this special muxing process.
  3. The third function is "PEnGUIn(Host)". It is Nethostfs and USBhostfs for MAC OS X. You can use it for getting both wire and wireless connection support with some PSP homebrew softwares.

What's new in PEnGUIn TooKit

Version 1.02:
  • Typo was fixed
  • CPU counts support for 8

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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