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06 November 2006

Clears browser history, cache and much more.


The purpose of MacSanitize is to remove all browser history, cache and download activity, empty the trash and clear the clipboard. This will help keep your Web activity and your personal information private.

Actions taken by MacSanitize v1.5c, These actions are only taken if the files and/or folders below exist:

  • Safari History
  • Safari Download List
  • Safari Cache
  • Safari Cookies
  • Safari Form History
  • Firefox Cache
  • Firefox Cookies
  • Firefox Form History
  • Firefox History
  • Firefox Download List
  • Camino Cache
  • Camino Cookies
  • Camino History
  • Camino Download List
  • iChat History
  • iChat Logs
  • iChat Picture Cache
  • Clear the Clipboard
  • Empty the trash

This project is under development and I would love to have you get involved. What I need from you is to find other caches and temp directories that store the same types of information. Email me the directories and the programs that they affect and I will include them in the program.

I am currently working on adding a preference file to the program in which you will be able to set which actions you want taken.

This is a tool for the Mac IT guy to use on a system that has multiple users. For example, if you manage school computers you can have the teacher run this app on every system between classes. This will help protect the students from others getting to their private information.

MacSanitize can also be used as a browser reset tool for Web designers. It quickly clears the cache and history from all three major Mac browsers.

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