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06 November 2006

Simple, easy project management for 3D artists.


With HooDoo, keeping track of the countless 3d model files, image assets and material presets is made simple.

Create New Projects quickly and inflate an entire directory structure with customizable folder names to keep your work consistent.

Keeping track of your time is just as important, as it is your most vital asset on the job. HooDoo includes time tracking on a per project basis utilizing a basic XML storage format so you can generate invoices accurately.

Keep meta-data about your files handy per file, and per project and search notes text, in addition to any of the valid metatags of the native file formats included in your project.

What's new in HooDoo

Version 1.0:

Time Management

  • HooDoo allows you to track your time on a per project basis.
  • Available fields for later retrieval are Stamp Date (editable), Stamp Notes, and Stamp Value
  • Single file export of time logs as CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) are perfect for importing into Excel or Quickbooks for generating Invoices.
  • Bright and easy to read time totals displayed directly in the main panel of HooDoo for each project.
File Management
  • HooDoo uses a simple directory structure for projects which mirrors an aggregation of the structures found in most packages.
  • HooDoo project structure supports more than just 3D modeling and animation, would work perfectly for any type of graphic design work.
  • Keep notes on each file separately within the project containing text that is then later searchable for finding files fast within large projects.
  • Find operation on files combines file name, item type and notes for results.
  • Project sub-folders act as filters on files within each project giving you instant access to filtered lists of assets, or a single project-wide view of your files.
  • Reveal file entries in the finder or open them with the default application for that type.
  • Archive all your project notes in a single text file for building up your Web page or post-mortem per project.
Preferences and Other Features
  • HooDoo supports customizable project sub-folders if you just don't like our naming scheme.
  • Note that you will want to set your project folder names before beginning your first project, as these values are used as lookups in the filter list.
  • Folders that don't conform to the project naming convention are still polled during project file list assembly, you just don't see a filter for them.
  • Archive an entire project to tarball, creating csv and project notes from within HooDoo.
Upcoming Features
  • Preview window for images
  • Customizable file agents by extension ( getting around the pesky Lightwave vs. modo conflict for LWO )
  • Searching on all listed projects for file notes, files, and stamps notes.
  • Export Project HTML
  • Upload Project to CoalEngine Site

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