Interaction (PPC)
Interaction (PPC)


Interaction (PPC) free download for Mac

Interaction (PPC)3.0.1

09 February 2000

Take advantage of XML with your Web server.


Interaction is a Web server companion for dynamic social websites that adapts to the visitor. Interaction is the first application to take advantage of server-side XML 1.0 for dynamic websites. The software works with Mac OS Web servers, generating HTML on the fly from XML documents.

Interaction generates HTML pages at serving time from XML documents, based on the processing rules of a style sheet and the context of the request. The result is websites that adapt to each visitor without requiring scripting, programming or proprietary "command tag" constructs. The integrated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) editor simplifies designing and maintaining a consistent presentation of the website. Interaction can optionally emulate CSS to keep the sites accessible and appealing for those using older browsers.

Version 2.5 upgrades is MacOS 8.5 compatible and supports Contextual Menus.

What's new in Interaction (PPC)

Version 3.0.1 adds server-side support for XHTML, the new W3C recommendation for markup on the web.

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