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Intergate Policy Manager

07 October 2010

Web content filter & network access management tool.


InterGate Policy Manager - A comprehensive Internet access management solution, providing fine grained control of Web content access, usage of Peer to Peer, Instant Messaging and Skype networks, logging and reporting of user activity, as well a core IP router and firewall to provide advanced protection to your network.

Advanced Web Filtering - For complete control over who can see what and when they can see it, what they can do and when they can do it, InterGate Policy Manager filters can be applied on a per user, per group or even a per machine basis, and can be effective at specific times of day and/or days of the week

  • Intercept
  • Block or allow Web site access by category, according to a centrally served IBM-powered database of over 100 million sites in 80 well-organized categories, which are updated on a daily basis

  • Inspect
  • Block or allow the use of Instant Messaging apps (eg AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger), P2P apps (eg eDonkey, eMule, Kademlia, BitTorrent, Gnutella (Morpheus, LimeWire), Kazaa), the Internet telephony app, Skype, as well as Anonymizers such as HotSpot Shield and Netshade

  • User-defined filters
  • Block or allow access to specific sites

  • Protocol Filters
  • Block or allow specific types of traffic e.g. FTP, HTTP

Comprehensive Reporting - The Intelligence reporting tool displays in graphic detail all Internet activity by user, group, IP address, protocol, Web site category and bandwidth usage. It can combine virtually any of these in a custom report that can be viewed at any time for up-to-the-minute network monitoring

Secure Firewall, Core Router and More - InterGate Policy Manager incorporates a secure level three firewall, using stateful packet inspection, to prevent unauthorized access into the local network from the Internet, in addition to the industrial strength, high performance TCP/IP Router, DHCP Server, DNS Server, Remote Access Server, Fallback and Connection Teaming capabilities

What's new in Intergate Policy Manager

Version 9.3.6:
  • IBM-powered URL database for world class Web filtering
  • Hotspot Shield, NetShade blocking added to Intercept
  • ACL support added to Protocol Blocks feature
  • Filter All filter set added to allow global exceptions
Improvements & bug fixes
  • Adds an option to override or keep ISP assigned DNS addresses
  • Adds support for LDAP authentication within sub OUs
  • Adds unlimited number of served DHCP clients
  • Adds sleep/wake & fast user switching support to Remote Control
  • Adds strict MAC to IP address DHCP leasing option
  • Updates built-in addresses for default Ping, Fallback and Redirection IPs
  • Fixes error message when manually updating Intelligence database
  • Fixes a false positive for Gnutella, Skype and AIM filtering
  • Fixes failure to recover from changed clock settings
  • Fixes possible kernel panic in OS X Server
  • Fixes a problem with future subscription expiration dates
  • Fixes two possible crash situations
  • Fixes to Multi-NAT
  • Fixes Web Login issues with latest Firefox and Safari

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23 March 2010

Most helpful

App that provides control of web content access and provieds protection of network. From all points of view good app.
Version 9.3.1
23 March 2010
App that provides control of web content access and provieds protection of network. From all points of view good app.
Version 9.3.1