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Galaxy Studio

16 July 2007

An alternate scripting IDE for Revolution.


Galaxy Studio is an alternate scripting IDE for Revolution, designed to completely replace the standard Revolution IDE and to maximize screen real estate.

What's new in Galaxy Studio

Version 1.5:
  • Galaxy Templating System - Utilize built in Galaxy templates to rapidly build the most common window and dialog types found in applications or make your own! Create your own default handlers for system messages, commands or functions. Create your own auto-complete routines for completing control structures. End repetitiveness!
  • Galaxy Draw and Visual Aids - Drag to create your stack with immediate, real-time feedback on the size and location of screen elements. Use horizontal dividers to separate chunks of code. Turn on and off editable line stripes, making it easier to visually scan lines of code. See a preview of an object in the Split Pane (Rev 2.7.x required)!
  • Universal Context Menus and Auto-Complete- Right click on to inspect or edit objects, even Tabs! Compare values of any two tabs via new Contextual Tab Menu. New auto-complete lets you get control of geometry management and menu building.
  • Three New Editors and Version Control Manager - Now includes a default Handler Editor, Control Structure Editor and Text Property Editor as well as the Version Control Manager!
  • Galaxy Updater - Immediately download and use the latest or four most recent versions of Galaxy - with release notes!

Requirements for Galaxy Studio

  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • or later

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