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Spyder is a social network browser for MySpace that makes it easy to organize, browse, comment, message, and make new friends. Spyder also comes with a song/video play increaser and CAPTCHA bypass.

Spyder makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends or fan-base by message or comment. Add as many friends as you want, Spyder allows you to send friend requests too. Spyder also helps you manage all your accounts, whether you have just a personal account or an additional band or business account you can easily switch between your different accounts in Spyder. And for people
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Version 2.2.13:
  • Final build; Spyder is now free.
Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

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ver. 2.x:
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Randy859 reviewed on 12 Sep 2011
After a year I'm still impressed with this software and even more impressed the developers have kept up with it considering MySpace virtually killed themselves with their website change awhile back. It's true a lot of people have abandoned MySpace for Facebook but as a music producer MySpace is still nice free repository to share my music and promote it. This app really does have the only working song play increaser that improves your chart ranking, I highly recommend it for any new bands.
[Version 2.2.8]



Zdog reviewed on 20 Nov 2010
This is by far the most complete MySpace marketing tool out there. I was using oCommunity a few years ago and it got several of my accounts deleted. I wish I had searched harder for Spyder because it's been nothing but pure satisfying success since I started using it to manage all my MySpace accounts. I can't even begin to image all the hard work that's gone into this application, I spent weeks writing my own scripts after I ditched oCommunity to do only a small fraction of what Spyder can do. If you need results from MySpace then I highly recommend Spyder, it's worth every time saving cent. I was stupid and paid $300 for the full version of oCommunity which is not even a Mac native application. Spyder which is a native Mac application only costs $79 for everything, and by everything I mean everything any other MySpace tool can do and then some, like the mp3 song plays increaser which actually works towards increasing your rankings in the charts, and I've tried them all. Sure every application could use more features or do something better but we'd be waiting forever and as it stands this application is the best in its class and a better price.
[Version 2.1.45]

Michael Link (developer) commented on 18 Nov 2010
I don't think rearranging the UI for messages would be beneficial to most users. There's a good reason Apple Mail doesn't use the "wide" style. First it takes up a lot more space on the screen and if you're on a 12" macbook that's inconvenient . Second I think it looks ugly, and I don't think Apple got it wrong. Obviously if I'm off my rocker on this one and enough suggest it as a feature request I could make it an option.

Until MySpace finalizes their new layout there will be some quirks to work out, such as with newlines in messages and bulletins format.

Eventually the auto-update will work how it does in Flirt. There are some permissions issues that need to be ironed out.

If nothing shows up in Spyder from a search, you'll get the same result on MySpace. If otherwise I'd like to see an email from you so I can fix it.

Keep in mind that Spyder does require frequent updates to stay compatible with MySpace and a lot of the cost is associated with support. If MySpace never changed anything the support cost would be much less and the price would be much lower.
[Version 2.1.45]



Mail3 reviewed on 18 Nov 2010
The App does what it claims, it still has some little drawbacks:

The GUI is not really perfectly streamlined but it will work. On the mac we have seen better. Examples:
- MySpace Mails: the user always has to pull up the message content window to be able to read message contents. Better would be to put them on the RIGHT of the screen vertically because that's how mails are read (and why people use WideMail to change OSX Mail's behaviour).
- Message/Posting Previews are not accurate: in MySpace posted messages look totally different, you have to insert extra html like to make linebreaks work, no real preview is available. This takes the user a lot of time fixing messages and trying them out in MS via the browser until they look good.
- Bulletins have also no real previews. In MySpace (at least in MS v2.0) the bulletins have a fixed width which Spyder does not reflect.
- Autoupdate: there is an automativ update checker. It loads the new Spyder version to the standard Downloads-folder, unpacks it and leaves it there for you to move. There are better systems (like Sparkle).
- The user really has to know a lot about MySpace etc. to make any use of this app at all. I am using it since several months and still have no idea why some search functions won't work (maybe MySpace restrictions?) or some tasks need many steps to achieve. There is room for usability improvements.
- Wishful thinking: german translation (and others?) would be nice.
- I find the app a little costy. There is just no alternative.

There are more examples but I think you get the idea. I am sure much work went into this app and updates come regularly as promised and quickly. Whenever MySpace changes something you got your Spyder update only hours later, maybe a day!
[Version 2.1.44]



Randy859 reviewed on 29 May 2010
I've been using Spyder since the beginning of the year and it's come around quite a bit since then. Right after I started using it version 2.1 came out and it included all these useful features like searching people's comments for active users and support for groups. Now with the latest version I'm able to add real song plays and bump myself up in the charts, something the mp3plays program doesn't do! I'm truly amazed at how quickly the developers fix and improve this program. I'd recommend it for anyone trying to conquer myspace land.
[Version 2.1.10]



Freddy7 reviewed on 25 May 2010
Spyder is really helping me kick a** and save a huge amount of time in band promotion. I use Spyder everyday for multiple accounts and I can't even imagine going back to managing my MySpace accounts through a web browser again. I just upgraded to the elite license and am very happy with the new proxy support. I've found that setting the delay isn't much of any issue when you use the proxies because they are all typically very slow anyways. When ever I had any questions they were answered quite quickly and the few problems I had were fixed just as quickly as well. Each update gets better and new features seem to spring up frequently.
[Version 2.1.10]



Nicolasd reviewed on 24 Jan 2010
as a user of this program almost daily for well over 2 years, i can report that i've found the developer very responsive and willing to hear and help track down bugs and issue updates.

this program is not for the causal myspace user. but for who it's meant, it's a great value and time saver. very well worth the money.

if you don't understand why you'd want to spend money on it, then it's not intended for you and your uses.

it CAN get a little crashy with databases containing hundreds of thousands of records. i've never lost any data or work.
[Version 2.1]



Neploleppard reviewed on 29 Dec 2009
I finally got a reply from the developer who sent me my unrecoverable code.

Upon entering it, Spyder sent me to a webpage asking me to upgrade for a grand total of $130 to continue using the software.

This is obviously a scam.

My Investigative Team has submitted the developer's information to various groups we're associated with including the Better Business Bureau.
[Version 2.0.66]

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Michael Link commented on 11 Jan 2010
Niko, Apparently your code isn't unrecoverable if you actually recovered it. If you were to actually take the time you'd notice that upgrades from Spyder 1.0 are $20.

Your first e-mail is typical of e-mails I receive when someone hasn't even looked at the help section.


I just got a new MacBook laptop. I installed Spyder and it won't take the activation. I've attached my receipt as proof of purchase.


If you would have mentioned all the information in following e-mails that I had to ask you for the process would have been quite speedy. I don't see how an extra line of "I already tried doing this and that and it didn't work" would be so hard to include in the first e-mail.


nean reviewed on 08 Jun 2009
The features are great, but massive resource problems in general.
eg.: on syncing, auto import/refreshing users and on database operations, and lot of crashes.
CPU load is disastrous, no other app is cripple down my G5 that much!

Since the last update I can see a performance improvement on sending friend requests.

I hope this issues will be fixed soon, otherwise I need to lookout for other possibilities to handle my myspace account.

[Version 2.0.36]

2 Replies

Michael Link commented on 17 Jun 2009
I haven't seen any crash reports from you so I don't know your specific situation, but if you are in fact running into resource limitations with trying to manage a large user library you could try splitting your data across different documents. This works well with multiple accounts.

nean commented on 19 Jun 2009
sorry, but compared to some other OSX applications which also stores data in sqlite db the amount of data I wanna handle with spyder surely is not "huge" or too much for my G5.

My spyder sqlite DB has the size of 50MB,... from my point of view thats a thing about db design,...

well, I even sent you some convincing debug reports,...

so, my experience is: app. is great but performance is really poor :-(
I hope this will be better before myspace become stale, because: app is great! ;-)
moonman272_gmail.com commented on 30 May 2009
So the consensus is that this App is horrible in its current incarnation.

Soooo.. what alternatives do people recommend for MySpace Management Apps on the mac?
[Version 2.0.35]


Ronjohnroy had trouble on 25 Jul 2010
Great program..!
Am very much enjoying the ease of use & feel it is worth the $.

Couple of Q's:

-How does the Proxy host feature work for the Increase Song Plays Function.. Not sure of the steps to take here.

-There was mention of a Facebook / Youtube booster in the preview. Are there any functions here?

Look forward to hearing from someone shortly.
[Version 2.1.24]


Neploleppard had trouble on 29 Dec 2009
When I first purchased this software, I could not activate it. I had to contact the developer who emailed me a code that fixed the problem.

Now I have a brand new computer that I just bought recently. Once again, the activation would not work. I contacted the developer.

Instead of troubleshooting, he emailed me 2 links pertaining to pages on the support page. ...Pages I had already read through and failed to have success with.

I forwarded the developer previous emails with him including my proof of purchase receipt from PayPal.

Since that last email I have heard nothing back and my software is still paid for and not activated. I would hate to call this a scam... perhaps it's just really terrible tech support. Regardless, it doesn't work and the developer doesn't seem very interested in helping the paying customers. ...or at least not this one.
[Version 2.0.66]


fuzzyjon79 had trouble on 07 Aug 2009
I am now getting an error when trying to log into the account I maintain with spyderx. The error says "Login failed. Either a server error occurred, the login or password is incorrect, or the account does not exist. Try again?"

When I actually logged into the real myspace, I saw that my account had been blocked, likely due to the spydex activity, but I entered a captcha and unblocked it. This happened several times. Could this be the problem? Has MySpace somehow shut me down from using spyderx?

I tried to log into my personal account and even a third account that I maintain and I got the same error, even though I did not maintain these particular accounts with spyderx. Have they just shut down this software completely?

Any ideas?
[Version 2.0.44]

2 Replies

BleedingStar commented on 09 Aug 2009
I am also having the same problem as of two days ago. It started at the same time that Myspace changed their mail system. It seems they made an update that has also effected the login of Spyder, for I cannot login on any of my accounts through Sypder.

I just bought this program less than a week ago and only got 3 days worth of use out of it... we really need an update!
Michael Link commented on 09 Aug 2009
An update has been released that addresses the login problem and compatibility with MySpace. The login problem was caused by the Mac OS X 10.5.8 update which included a broken version of the XQuery framework. Spyder now includes the XQuery framework from Mac OS X 10.5.7 until Apple can fix the problem.

Spyder is not the cause of accounts being blocked. You can read more about accounts being "blocked" here:


richardwboase@aol.com had trouble on 06 Dec 2007
I'm annoyed because my computer died and I had to reinstall everything from a backup, Spyder doesn't work with the registration number I bought, and there doesn't seem to be a contact email address where I can get in touch with them about this issue... which obviously is why I'm writing here.

I'm with the others on this one, Please provide an email contact address.

p.s. Please help me out by emailing me! Thanks
[Version 1.4.29]

2 Replies


MacUpdate-Lon commented on 06 Dec 2007

At the bottom of the page: email address for developer.
fudruckus replied on 03 May 2008
I'm just wondering if it works.
I want to send friend requests to other myspace members friends list. I want to give these potential friends the option to deny my request. but this is a target auidence of skateboard compeditors and if they are serious about skateboarding they will want my news and information.
Will Spyder work for my intentions?
I have a Mac Book Pro
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.33 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz
Boot ROM Version: MBP22.00A5.B07
SMC Version: 1.12f5

John Fudala
graxa1982 had trouble on 30 Jun 2007
The connecting problem seems do be solved.
So, now it's a worth. ;)
[Version 1.4.9]


Michael Link rated on 04 Dec 2010

[Version 2.1.51]

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Spyder is a social network browser for MySpace that makes it easy to organize, browse, comment, message, and make new friends. Spyder also comes with a song/video play increaser and CAPTCHA bypass.

Spyder makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends or fan-base by message or comment. Add as many friends as you want, Spyder allows you to send friend requests too. Spyder also helps you manage all your accounts, whether you have just a personal account or an additional band or business account you can easily switch between your different accounts in Spyder. And for people that remember faces better than names Spyder downloads users pictures automatically.

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