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ShanghaiDaily Headlines Widget.... Read the latest news from The website for the very best in local news coverage from Shanghai and around the world.
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Ninja-Boy commented on 27 Jun 2011
Even Chinese people joke that the only thing you can believe in any newspaper is the date.
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Pirx commented on 22 Aug 2006
The widget itself works great, no problem.

Now let us get some things straight: China is a country with a repressive communist government, that suppresses press-freedom and censors the media and the Internet.

Journalists are still being imprisoned in China or 'reformed through labour', there are also journalists who are paying with their lives for investigative journalism.

Very recently an environmentalist was paralyzed after a vicious attack on him, when he had given an interview to German TV. The official examination concluded that he 'broke his own neck' (quote Shanghai Daily).

The headlines in the Shanghai Daily widget will give you represent China's communist party line, and the content is only what was approved by state censors.
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MacUpdate-Lon replied on 22 Aug 2006
Overstating the obvious, perhaps, regarding China.

Having been born in the 50's in the USA I can tell you that, *very* relatively speaking (as in: "relative to what I had become accustomed to in the USA circa 1974, when it appeared that reasoned and rational thinking was at long last making a strong appearance in the United States' body politic, viz: the imminent impeachment of a criminal President and, relatedly, the Church Commission's report and subsequent acts of Congress at the behest of the Church Commission, among other acts of sanity"), I have difficulty seeing how *my* country, the United States of America, which was born of some rather high hopes and unique aims, is so much better, especially lately, than any other. Can you say "Unitary Presidency"? You should be familiar with this term (if not, google it) by now as it is the operative philosophy of the current occupant of the White House. There's a thin difference between that and any other dictatorship. You know, it is impossible to be "a little bit pregnant". You either are or you aren't pregnant. What's that you say? Dubya was duly elected, twice? Only through the most nefarious vote-rigging ever done since the Jim Crow days, the likes of which would make Lyndon Johnson blush.

Let's not forget that China has the coveted "Most Favored Nation" trade status with the USA. You've heard of capitalism? Even Nixon understood that being a reactionary fool in the face of such an untapped market would be folly. So he cooked a deal with Mao in order to tap those billions of potential consumers before any other super power at the time could do so. To set the table for the future, as it were.

And just for some spice... What two nations in this world have the highest rate of incarceration per capita? USA and China? Correct. Which two nations in this world send the most persons to their death each year? Right again, USA and China.

And don't look now, but China is not engaged in a futile crusade that is without a forseeable end.

Support our troops? Indeed I do. I support their right to not be led down a garden path to hell.

In conclusion, your righteousness is misplaced and fatally naive.
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ShanghaiDaily Headlines Widget.... Read the latest news from The website for the very best in local news coverage from Shanghai and around the world.

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