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18 June 2010

Track income and expenses.


SmartLedger's mission is to help you track income and expense without having to type numbers, dates, and names. SmartLedger makes use of pop-down lists that automatically grow as you use the program, so that you can click, rather than type, most of your information after your first few entries.

SmartLedger is ideal for adding up randomly all those receipts you've stuffed into a grocery sack, awaiting your accountant's attention. Don't sort them out by hand -- just start with the first one and continue till you reach the bottom of the bag. Leave sorting and subtotaling to the program. Other uses: quick expense reports for your employer, monitoring a chancy budget. This simple program is flexible and won't lock you into account reconciliations. Enter only the transactions that are meaningful to you or your accountant. Reconcile when you want to, using the checkboxes and Accounts button.

SmartLedger comes with sample entries. Play with the buttons to see what the program does. Then, when you're ready to start your own ledger, click "Remove Sample Entries" to get rid of the make-believe entries.

Do you have a PayPal account? SmartLedger can import your PayPal account history automatically and give you the big picture on income/expense, subtotaled by category.

For on-line vendors, an eBay fee and consignment calculator is included. To incorporate account history from other banks, use the Import Manually command under the SmartLedger Menu.

You'll swear this application has artificial intelligence (indeed, it has intuition). Get to know the on-screen toggles and pointers, and you'll be entering transactions more quickly than you'd ever have thought possible.

Built with FileMaker Developer as a standalone application, SmartLedger looks and behaves the same on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Three versions are available: Windows, Mac OS X, and Mac "Classic" OS 8/9.x.

What's new in SmartLedger

Version 3.6:
  • Restore My Backup,a command under the SmartLedger Menu, now allows more flexibility for managing multiple ledgers and their backup files.
  • The Import PayPal features have been revised and updated to conform to changes in the way PayPal offers business account history files for downloading.
  • Improved appearance of the on-screen command buttons. Eliminated an unwanted blinking effect when browsing through records in the ledger.
  • Amount and Total fields have been widened to accommodate larger numbers.

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2 Reviews of SmartLedger

27 November 2007
Version: 2.4b

Most helpful

Really great simple easy program...We're using it for our fraternity. Makes it really easy to enter information and keep track of our finances. Worth the $20 for the full version.
24 March 2008
Version: 2.6
This is a great application for introducing your new college student to the world of 'Bank Account' management. It will not overwhelm him/her with the Quickbooks or MS Money complications and it will save them the time of keeping handwritten note ledgers. As you work with SmartLedger, it makes data entry simpler and simpler by providing autoentry. Your college student will appreciate this. He/She can record the credits or debits against their accounts and see the current balances without worry of math errors. This application is well worth the $20. My son has saved hundreds in bank fees already. This is a great introduction to Financial Independence.
27 November 2007
Version: 2.4b
Really great simple easy program...We're using it for our fraternity. Makes it really easy to enter information and keep track of our finances. Worth the $20 for the full version.