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04 February 2020

Backup music and other media from your iPod and iPhone.


TouchCopy lets you copy your music, video, photos, text messages, and more from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad back onto your Mac or directly into iTunes.

Is TouchCopy Safe?

TouchCopy is safe to download and use on your Mac. The app does not have a history of being malicious. Make sure when you download the app you either download it from MacUpdate or from the developer’s website to get the official download link.

  • Transfer music and playlists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod back to iTunes on your Mac
  • Save your Text Message, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations to your Mac.
  • Save Voice Mails from your iPhone to your Mac.
  • View and copy Calendars, Contacts, Notes, internet history and more to your Mac.
  • Powerful iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad File Manager allowing you to copy files to and from your iOS device.
  • Includes a comprehensive help system and friendly email support.
  • Supports all iPods, iPhones and iPads including iPhone 8/X/Xs
  • Support for iOS 4 to iOS 13
  • New user interface
  • The ability to save iPhone SMS, MMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp conversations in text, HTML, and PDF formats
  • A complete redesign making TouchCopy 16 faster and more reliable

The quoted price is for a perpetual license. Additional pricing info can be found here.

What's new in TouchCopy

Version 16.38:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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18 Reviews of TouchCopy

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19 June 2018
Version: 16.23

Most helpful

I have an older version of TouchCopy. Is there an upgrade path or do I have to pay full price again? Couldn't find any info on this at the dev's site. Thanks.
03 March 2020
Version: 16.38
I don't know what's going on with this program, but half the time it doesn't copy over the entirety of my chosen playlist, and then the rest of the time many of the songs that do get copied over are the wrong ones. I guess if they have the same word in the title it's close enough? Certainly not worth the thirty dollars they charge for it.
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19 June 2018
Version: 16.23
I have an older version of TouchCopy. Is there an upgrade path or do I have to pay full price again? Couldn't find any info on this at the dev's site. Thanks.
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11 October 2017
Version: 16.17
Just bought this app but already appreciate it’s ease of use and extensive capabilities.
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08 October 2017
Version: 16.17
Should I buy it? What's different from the Native Backup Program? Thanks a lot.
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09 December 2016
Version: 16.06
I've been using TouchCopy for years and it does not disappoint. I reply on it every time where there an iOS update or when I am upgrading a device and want to retain the information from my old device. Very helpful.
26 April 2014
Version: 12.32
After ten years of compiling music, my iPod had over 7,000 songs on it from my childhood to adulthood and it was irreplaceable. When I decided it was time to make a backup, I came across TouchCopy, which kept coming up as a recommended app to transfer multiple things from my iPod to my Mac. I am very thankful I had used this app, I had so much saved on my iPod. I was able to backup everything on my Mac, including my 7,000 songs, all my playlists, videos and photos and the software transferred everything very quickly and smoothly.
04 December 2012
Version: 12.02
There aren't a lot of reviews for this program, and perhaps that's because the price is a little off-putting. $35 for what is essentially a single purpose utility is a little steep. However, if you're like me, it's a small price to pay to rescue data from multiple Apple products! I have (in no particular order), an iPhone 5, an iPod touch (1st gen), a couple of iPod Nanos, an iPad 2, a Macbook Pro and a PowerBook. Yeah, I have an iPod Shuffle 4, too, but that's not germane to this review. I also just bought a new car that has a number of ways of listening to music. Since I recently had a hard disk crash, my music is scattered in numerous libraries on multiple drives. How then, to recover the music I have on my iPad and transfer it to my iPhone when I don't have it already in iTunes? Enter TouchCopy. I researched the web for utilities that would allow me to copy data off my devices, and TouchCopy kept appearing in my search results. I downloaded the demo and gave it a whirl. Before I had run out of items allowed by the demo, I had connected to the online store and purchased the app! It does everything it claims to. I've read reports that it is very slow; not this version. At least not for me. Dozens of music files move in seconds. The interface? Not a problem for me, although I've heard some call it ugly. I think it's intuitive and very Mac-like, even if the icons don't have the Apple "look" to them. All in all, I'm very pleased with this program. I see that an update has been issued only a day or two after the iTunes 11 release. That's pretty darn responsive, if you ask me! Nice job. I'm a satisfied customer.
11 May 2012
Version: 11.01
I'm really impressed with this program. It's dead easy to use and it got all my music from my iPhone to iTunes on my new Mac. Finally, a simple solution to my problem!
05 July 2011
Version: 9.97
So, it seems that TouchCopy: - works properly - is easy to use - has a dedicated developer Too bad it's so ugly it'll make your eyes bleed. I'd definitely buy it for a friend if it wasn't so out of place next to her shiny new iPhone. As such, it would be like giving someone a crummy soviet military bag to wear on an evening dress. Worse actually, military bags tend to be ugly but still well designed. Note to would-be interface designers: yes, it's obvious when you copy iTunes' layout (maybe that makes it easy to use); but no that doesn't count as design and oh boy, how easy it is to spot a Windows developer. You can just hear them talk up some shipping interface no Mac dev would even use as a mockup: "here, look, just like iTunes". Don't take it the wrong way, but if you want to sell at that price to the Mac market, you definitely need an interface designer. If you don't notice meaningful differences between your product and the user suggested alternatives, he will. In the meantime you'll be selling to recent Windows switchers. That may be good enough, but you could do better.
13 October 2010
Version: 9.77
I installed the most recent update to TC, and, it now can see my iPAD and it's contents. I was able to backup to an external drive. Have not tried any transfers back to my iPAD. Now, I would recommend TC to iPAD users!