0.909 14 Sep 2009

Image and photo editing.


Developer website: Santiago Lema

ChocoFlop: Image and Photo Editing Application for Mac OS X.

ChocoFlop clearly positions itself as a lightweight alternative to very expensive graphics tools such as Adobe PhotoShop, (ex. MetaCreations) Corel Painter. It is meant to be smaller and much cheaper. Ideally the target users would be Web or mobile designers and other creative people working with reasonably sized images.

Unlike many "Core Image Demonstration" type tools, ChocoFlop is meant to be usable in everyday work. The goal is not just to add as many filters to an image as possible and see what random results one can achieve. I expect users to know what they want to be doing. Real-Time preview and non-destructive Effect layers will be available as required but they won't be the goal. This means people who have spent time learning industry standard tools will feel right at home when working with layers, layer masks, selections and painting tools.

This is and will probably remain a Mac Only tool. It uses Core Image at its heart to be able to utilize to its maximum the hardware. Thanks to great work of the guys at Apple I'll be able to focus on usability and not much about optimizing gaussian blur filters and such things. Thanks to the work that's already been done this project's development time will be much shorter than if I had to start from scratch. That said, this makes the app very dependant of the operating system.

What's New

Version 0.909:
  • Oops, it seems the previous released was compiled without PowerPC code. My apologies to the G4/G5 users who reported this.
  • It won't work on snow leopard but at least it'll work for those with PowerPC machines who cannot upgrade anyway :-)


1 GHz G4 or better, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Growl installed.


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Multimedia Design / Image Editing
14 Sep 2009
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