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  • Mail To Fetch has been discontinued
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    Jussar Interactive
Mail To Fetch is a AppleScript that uses MrPostman opensource software to provide Hotmail Mail within Apple Mail.
What's New
Version 0.2:
  • Fixed problem that stop application from working after reboot
Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Mail To Fetch User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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robinbp commented on 17 Nov 2007
i have no idea what this program does that works. since i installed it it hasn't worked as promised, which i honestly wouldn't write a review about since i find that when downloading a free app. it's kinda a crap shoot at times, but what bugs me is that after placing it in the trash, and all it's components that my mac told me there were, it won't delete! it always tells me that 'mail to fetch.jar' is in use and can't be deleted. that's my review, be warned you may not be able to uninstall it if you don't like the program or just decide to clean out some space in your mac. good luck!
[Version 0.2]


Carola Clavo commented on 03 Nov 2007
Mi password is always rejected. Tried many things with Mail to grab my emails from my old Hotmail account but nothing seems to work at these days.
[Version 0.2]

mountainbiker commented on 18 Aug 2007
I love Mail To Fetch as it was the only thing I could find about 6 months ago that would let me retrieve my account with Apple's

Unfortunately, it seems like something may have change with hotmail as I no longer can use Mail To Fetch.

Anyone else having this problem, or know if a fix is being worked?
[Version 0.2]

fronk74 commented on 20 Jun 2007
Still no fix for the reboot-problem? I use the current version 0.2 and i still have to reinstall the software after every reboot … please Mr. Developer!
[Version 0.2]

fronk74 commented on 15 Feb 2007
It is a great piece of software but unfortunately i have to reinstall it every time i reboot my macs to work again. Any fix in sight?
[Version 0.2]

the_MM commented on 11 Jul 2006
Even when using the install method as described below, it keeps going offline after a while, and is overall a very slow mail-checker.

I think I'll go back to httpmail under Rosetta !
[Version 0.2]

fefe tipped on 30 Jun 2006
Works great!

But I must admit that I didn´t understand the instructions on how to set it up at first.

Here is how I did it (my OS is in Norwegian so I´ll try and translate it):
1. Drag the downloaded file to the app-folder
2. Run the file, you should get "successfully installed" after while
3. Open mail
4. Under "Archive" choose "Create New account"
5. Account type: "POP"
6. Description "Hotmail" or whatever you´d like to call it
7. Your name, e.g. "Bill Bill"
8. E-mail-address: Your e-mail-address, e.g. ""
9. On the next page; Incoming e-mailserver: "localhost"
10. Username: Your complete e-mail address, e.g. ""
11. Password: Your account password (but I guess you have to enter it later too)
12. You will get errors when tries to connect to "localhost", but forget that, continue anyway
13. Leave the box for SSL UN-checked
14. Configure your SMTP server address if you want to be able to send mails with the hotmail-account as well (must use an SMTP-server, but the e-mail address used in step 8 is shown to the recipients)
15. Click "Next/Continue" till you´re finished with creating the account
16. Then, under "Mail" choose "Choose"
17. You should see a new window with preferences for your accounts, mark the hotmail-account, and choose "Advanced"
18. Change the mail-server port from 110 to 11110
19. Close and Save

Voilla! Hope it works for you!

Regards Fefe
[Version 0.2]


Sichan commented on 30 Jun 2006
I've just noticed this script creates a file called hotmail.script in your root folder. Nasty.
[Version 0.2]


Sichan commented on 30 Jun 2006
It would be great if this thing worked but the installation instructions are increadibly sketchy.
Once installed do we need to keep the applescript file in the Applications folder?
After the applescript has been run it creates a new folder in applications with a .jar file and a .script file in it.
Instructions are then available through the webpage on how to set this up. First you have to create a new POP account. So far so good. It then isn't clear what the "incoming mail server address" is. Is this your e-mail address or the incoming mail server? This has to be named "localhost" but I've tried this on both my e-mail address and incoming mail server and neither works. The Incoming mail server port must then be 11110. Is this the port in Advanced options in Mail or actually the incoming mail server address? What are we supposed to fill in under e-mail address?
Most of the time the newly created account goes offline as soon as you try to use it to fetch mail. By mixing and matching the settings around a bit I once managed to get it to stay online but it did not fetch any mail from my hotmail account. I tried sending new messages from another account and it did not retrieve these either.
I used to have the httpmail pluggin installed and opened Mail through Rosetta on my Intel Mac but deleted and deactivated it though terminal before installing Mail To Fetch. Really wish I hadn't bothered now as this is very disappointing.
Please can the developer write better step by step instructions for installing this for Mail so that dumbasses like me can use it? Can't be that difficult.
[Version 0.2]



smpdigital reviewed on 28 Jun 2006
Now it works great, thank you!
[Version 0.2]


smpdigital had trouble on 26 Jun 2006
It doesn't works at all... seems that I'm not alone
[Version 0.1]

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Date:27 Jun 2006
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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Mail To Fetch is a AppleScript that uses MrPostman opensource software to provide Hotmail Mail within Apple Mail.

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