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LC Xmu2.2

19 October 2006

Emulator controls Logic/Mackie protocols w/generic MIDI hardware.


LC Xmu emulates one or more Logic Controls or Mackie Controls in software, for control and automation of many Mac OS X host applications that support the Logic/Mackie Control protocol, using generic MIDI hardware.

A hardware MIDI controller's knobs, faders, buttons or keys can be mapped to the emulated LC/MC's various functions, and the host application will behave exactly as if it has a real Logic Control or Mackie Control connected. LC Xmu provides one-way controller-to-LC/MC function mapping for simpler controllers, and two-way control and display feedback for various more capable controllers (including a hardware Mackie Control). LC Xmu's onscreen display provides full visual feedback of the current state of the emulated LC/MC.

LC Xmu is a compatible, effective and flexible way of using generic MIDI controllers with your host application, without spending hours setting up and then constantly re-configuring controller assignments, mixer maps, custom consoles, MIDI learn, etc. The host application automatically binds mixer controls, plugin controls, navigation and other functions to the LC/MC controls, remapping and updating on the fly as needed.

Because it emulates the unchanging LC/MC hardware, LC Xmu is forward-compatible - if a host application's support for the LC/MC is updated, the new functionality is immediately available via LC Xmu without requiring an updated version of LC Xmu.

What's new in LC Xmu

Version 2.2 is a Universal Binary and adds a Fostex VM200 controller module, more flexible CPU adjustment, improved window grouping/stacking behavior, and other changes.

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