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A Quartz screen saver.   Free
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A Quartz screen saver for Mac OS X, a rainbow-ish swirl that reacts to sound.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, microphone.

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Swordfish reviewed on 12 May 2006
looks great. but give credit for the original stuff.
[Version 0.1b]



mark.anderson reviewed on 12 May 2006

A. Totally ripped off from the Quartz Compser Developer Tools example file "Star Shine".

B. Added an audio input patch so it supposedly responds to microphone input (if you have one), otherwise you get nothing but a blank screen.

At least give credit where credit is due and inform potential users of it's requirements.
[Version 0.1b]

2 Replies

Andrei Stoleru (developer) replied on 12 May 2006
Yes, you're right, it is a "ripp off" ... anyway, that's why is freeware ...
I remember seeing something similar to this few months ago and it was for payment ...so offering the same product (more or less) freeware it's just a nice gesture.
You should forget the details and enjoy it.

mark.anderson replied on 12 May 2006
I would just enjoy it, if it worked for me, but unless I have my iSight attached to my G5 tower to use as an audio input device, it does nothing.
PH3R commented on 11 May 2006
this is a realy cool little screen saver works good for my MacBook Pro 1.83 with OS 10.4.6
[Version 0.1b]


macbullet reviewed on 11 May 2006
Nifty little screensaver, it reacts to sound volume
[Version 0.1b]


nexialys had trouble on 11 May 2006
not working... have a blank black screen when activating or testing it.

also, the version from the author site is giving a error when testing it.
[Version 0.1b]

1 Reply

Andrei Stoleru (developer) replied on 12 May 2006
I'm sorry it's not working, if you wanna send me a mail with a detailed error report and I'll look into it.
p.s. you need a mic to "really" see the screen saver react to the sound volume, but even without one it has a little charm :)
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Version Downloads:5,383
Type:Utilities : Screen Savers
Date:11 May 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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A Quartz screen saver for Mac OS X, a rainbow-ish swirl that reacts to sound.

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