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18 November 2010

Convert video for use with TiVo.


TiVoizer...Here's an easy little tool for converting video to put on your TiVo. It's just a wrapper around the ffmpeg command line tool, but gives you video that works on your TiVo every time.


  • Download and install ffmpegx and the needed binaries. (mencoder, mplayer, mpeg2enc)
  • Make sure to put the ffmpeg app directly in your Applications folder (the path to this is harcoded in for now)
  • Download and unzip "TiVoizer" and run it

Running it:

  • Choose a source file you want to convert for your tivo
  • Choose the destination directory and name the file (This directory should be one that Tivo sees for Goback files. See above.)
  • Set the size and bitrate
  • Tivoize

I made it quick and dirty so people could use it right away. There's lots of stuff I could add to it to make it easier and better... i.e., log, queue of files to convert, more options, adding black bars rather than stretching, destination folder set in prefs, run in deamon mode to watch a specific folder and convert anything added, etc.

What's new in TiVoizer

Version 1.0 (0.51b):
  • Native Intel build

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