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MIO Console5.6.06.216

05 June 2015

Software and driver for Mobile I/O Digital Audio hubs.


MIO Console brings power, portability and sheer sound quality to any recording/editing/mixing system. With exceptional mixing, recall, and level control, the Mobile I/O allows you to interface your computer seamlessly with the audio world, both in the field and in the studio.

Imagine having the power and sound quality of a full-blown recording studio with a complete mixing console and mic pres in your laptop bag. With Mobile I/O's FireWire connectivity, amazing A/D/A converters and powerful onboard DSP you can record, edit, play, and mix anywhere, anytime with top-notch studio quality.

This installer package contains the Universal driver for OS X 10.4.11 and newer on both PowerPC and Intel. It only contains the driver installer package.

What's new in MIO Console

  • Added I/O insert to the Mixer
  • Added ConsoleSync (console synchronization engine)
  • Added factory default auto-load for when there is no box state on the computer
  • Added box merging in the Mixer when a box is added and there is no data for it in the state on the computer
  • Added “Save System Boot State (all boxes)” command
  • Added “Channel Strip Meters Post Fader” setting to the "MIO" menu when ConsoleConnect is in plug-in mode
  • Added AAX plugin for ConsoleConnect
  • Override Mac OS X autorestore behavior with users preference
  • Changed Enable Legacy Box Support preference to be off by default
  • Changed Use OpenGL for rendering preference to be on by default
  • Changed the Record Panel Name take folders incrementally preference to be on by default
  • Changed the Record Panel Record File Format preference to default to BWF instead of SDII
  • Changed the Record Panel Auto Break File Size preference to default to 2GB instead of Unlimited
  • Added support for Eucon 3.0
  • Manual: Added Quick Start Guides
  • Manual: Moved interface documentation for better flow
  • Manual: Moved the host-specific routing tips to the Routing Examples section
  • Manual: Moved +DSP documentation into the Software section from the Appendix
  • Manual: Condensed +DSP plug-in documentation
  • Fixed a bug where plug-in and graph preset names were not tracked properly
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to assign to an output reserved by the Monitor Controller
  • Fixed a bug where the ULN-8 Factory Default template would not open properly
  • Fixed a bug affecting the update of inserted graphs output destinations
  • Fix crash that occurs when undoing the deletion of a bus that was assigned as an aux input of another bus
  • Add workaround for uninstantiable plugins - fixes apparent crash

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