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15 January 2007

Allows REALbasic projects access to SQLite3 database.


SQLite3ProfessionalPlugin is a REALbasic plugin that gives your REALbasic projects low level access to the SQLite 3 database engine. Starting from RB2005, the sqlite3 engine is include in every version of REALbasic, but due to the way it is exposed to the end user, a lot of its power and its speed aren't availables. SQLite3ProfessionalPlugin has been designed to take advantage of all the real speed and real power that the new sqlite3 engine can offer.

SQLite3ProfessionalPlugin is very different from the built-in REALbasic database engine, it doesn't have built-in Database and RecordSet classes (even if it's easy to create a wrapper for these classes). It is a near 1 to 1 map to the sqlite3 C api, so you can have access to every sqlite3 routine, so for example, you can interact directly with the virtual machine or you can create your own sql functions, and much more. These are very powerful concepts that cannot be added to the current REALSQLDatabase plugin.

The audience for this plugin are professional database users, that, for example, can take advantage of the sqlite3 progress handler routine to give time to other threads or to update the REALbasic GUI while a complex sql operation is in place, or that can use the sqlite3 virtual machine to build a query system with zero delay time and near zero memory requirements even if millions of rows are returned from a query.

What's new in SQLite3Professional

Version 2.1:
  • The SQLCachedSelect method now supports in-memory databases as source db
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior (not really a bug) related to the db.Error and db.ErrorCode properties
  • Fixed some bugs in the SQLiteRecordSet classes
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when retrieving BLOB fields using the RB API
  • Updated sqlite library to version 3.3.10 (patch 2)
  • Added support for experimental FT2 module
  • Added support for database located on shared volumes in OSX (beta code)
  • Updated some examples
  • Other small fixes and optimizations

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  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • or later
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