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11 September 2006

Depth of field plugin for Lightwave 3D.


iDof is a depth of field plugin for Lightwave 3D. It is intended to provide intuitive but powerful tools to achieve the effect you want, whatever that is.

The new iDof workflow is intended for Lightwave and a Compositing or Photo-editing Application. This is not necessary though, since an iDof Post Blur for Lightwave is included.

When you use iDof, you are using 2 Image Filter plugins, to be added in the Image Processing Tab of LightwaveÕs interface. One generates a better depth matte for depth of field than LWÕs default depth buffer. The other is optional, and provides a post processing blur based on the depth matte generated by the first plugin.

What's new in iDof

Version 3.2:

iDof Channels Changes:

  • RGB matte type added
  • Now tied to user's dongle
  • 24bit TGA output changed to 32bit TGA output for Greyscale matte type
iDof Post Blur Changes:
  • Variable blur from Greyscale matte rather than just crossfaded blur
  • Now tied to user's dongle
This is a free update to existing users. Email me your hardware lock ID to receive your updated iDof files.

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  • PPC 32
  • or later
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