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StuffIt Expander16.0.5

29 February 2016

Expansion and decoding utility.


StuffIt Expander easily expands and decoded all the files you download from the Web or receive in your email. StuffIt Expander can expand over 30 formats including StuffIt, RAR, 7zip, split and segmented archives.

Are you getting "Operation Not Permitted" errors when you try to open a Zip archive? Try StuffIt instead. StuffIt can open those password protected Zip archives.

Other Features
  • Automatically expand archives added to your designated "Watch Folder"
  • Automatically scan expanded content with your AV app.
  • Automate Expander with AppleScript

What's new in StuffIt Expander

Version 16.0.5:
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some RAR archives from expanding

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99 Reviews of StuffIt Expander

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13 November 2010
Version: 15.0.2

Most helpful

Since Apple supports only zip, i don't use stuffit anymore.
08 May 2020
Version: 16.0.5
The application folder takes the app but refuses to open it up. Thanks for telling me what to do. Bests.
10 April 2020
Version: 16.0.5
This is a reliable program and supports many different compression algorithms. Even though recent OSX versions include ZIP, they don't support all the different formats, which can be problematic depending on your needs. For the everyday user perhaps the builtin compression is sufficient, but there are situations for advanced users that will need alternatives.
27 March 2020
Version: 16.0.5
Excellent when it was required, but late model macOS's incorporate ZIP file processing.
13 January 2017
Version: 16.0.5
Do we need to keep this on a Mac computer anymore?
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11 November 2015
Version: 16.0.4
Just a question. Please tell me how the Smith Micro website just allowed me to receive the latest version of Stuffit Expander 16.0.3, but MacUpdate is lists the latest version as 16.0.4? Does someone around here know something Smith Micro does not know? Just a thought.
27 August 2015
Version: 16.0.4
Since they're not posted under What's New …

Change Notes
Fixed an issue expanding 7zip archives.
Fixed issue with some zip archives that would fail to expand with StuffIt Expander but could be opened with StuffIt Archive Manager.

It still fails to expand static FFmpeg binaries 7-zip archives from Now silently fails after claiming to successfully unarchive instead of leaving a corrupt binary. The Unarchiver still handles those just fine, even on El Capitan (10.11) beta.
19 June 2015
Version: 16.0
The Unarchiver stopped working for me so I switched to Stuffit Expander and I've never looked back. Not once has it balked at decompressing a file, too bad it doesn't quit automatically like TA did but that's easily handled with a simple kb shortcut.
12 February 2015
Version: 16.0
I stopped using Stuffit expander ages ago. I've got some problems with .rar files from PC, the only free application which could expand such files was this one, just brilliant!. Now, I'm using it for expanding everything, it feels like Yosemite app and it is quite fast.
10 November 2014
Version: 16.0
30 September 2014
Version: 16.0
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