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VP Tools

09 March 2006

30+ VectorWorks tools & commands.


VP Tools is a package of more than 30 VectorWorks tools and commands. Tools include:
  • Free Magic Wand selection tool.
  • Slab object with top, bottom and side classes.
  • Poly Clip tool (like VW clip tool but with a polygon or polyline, and it can traverse groups!).
  • Multiple Extend tool (extends many lines, can traverse groups).
  • Wall thickness shorcuts (autoclassing wall tools that remember wall thickness and ±Z)
  • Symbol Count object (easy symbol counting); Area Calc object (reports area of named or classed polys)
  • Worksheet object (similar to VW 'on drawing' worksheet but can be ungrouped and exported)
  • Annotative Marker (non-scaling symbol with parametricaly changeable text)
  • Simple Door and WIndow 2D/3D objects that let you choose class names for it's parts and more.

What's new in VP Tools

Version 1.7.1
  • Fixed installer issue with Tiger and VW12 Workspace issue
  • Now works on VectorWorks 12
  • Find and Replace Symbol command (works with multiple wall insertions!)
  • Free Delete-Reassign Class command
  • Updated Symbol Count interface
  • New quick preference toggles like Display-Hide Line Thickness and Use Sound.
  • Cosmetic improvents and bug fixes
  • Worksheets now can show grid.

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